Being a twin and feeling unwanted...

Two twins living in London with there parents until a tragedy happens in the family and there parents leave with out them knowing will there parents leave for good or stay? Mallisa the younger twin isn't the nicest and doesn't have much friends and feels unwanted from her parents she some time feels like they are hiding something from her but she's not sure what. Lexi the older twin is very nice and popular and is on the cheer team and her parents are fine with her they love her but she feels bad for her sister. These girls get along we'll. but what we'll happen when one direction comes to there school? Will mallisa and Lexi fall for one of them and will they live happily ever after? Read to find out!

I'm not the best at making blurbs but plz just read to see if you like it plz. Like favorite and comment thankyou!!!


3. afternoon...

Lexi's P.O.V

As me and mandy finish eating we walk upstairs to my room and close the door just encase my parents get here."i actuall need to tell you something really important!" mandy said clapping her hands together while sitting."oh okay"i wasnt to interested in what she had to say sense its proabably just some stupid gossip thats not important, to me anyways. "emma texted me telling me that Brittney got in a fight with your sister and supposebly your sister got her good and she has a black eye slit eye brow and her nose was bleeding but she didnt brake it." " wait my sister!?" i yelled shocked "yeah mallisa your sister oh and supposebly they were fighting over the new boys but im not sure cause your sister didnt seem to in to them when we were talking about them on the car." ' i doubt that was the reason mallisa wouldnt fight for a guy that she doesnt even know!" i told mandy. i looked at my phone to see the time and it was 9:20. "hey my parents are almost home u want to go down stairs so i can take you home when there here?" "yeah lets go." on my way downstairs i heard mallisa's music on so i knocked and told her are parents are on there way so she would know to turn off her music. and she did knowing what i was meaning. me and mandy stayed downstairs on the couch just watching the notebook while my parents got home.

Mallisa's P.O.V

lexi knocked on my door telling me that my parents are coming to make sure i turn my music off before they get here. i was laying on my bed when i got i text from kaitlin i opend it and it said i heard you fought with Brittney in the afternoon did you beat that bitch up!!" " im okay thanx for asking and i hope so i saw blood on her face so i guess." i texted back my phone beeped again "well i know u enjoy boxing and your good at it so i knew there was no chance she could have hurt u." she sent " yea.. well imma go take a pee knowand brush my teeth so i can get to bed night love ya!" i send back and get off my bed and walk in to my bathroom.

Lexi's P.O.V

my parents open the door and walk in "hi sweetie how was ur day. and did you have fun?" my mum asked " it was good" i say while mandy just nods her head. "good" "ayy mum can i take mandy home?" i ask " uhh yeah sure ill go with you girls lets go" she says and we walk out the door. and head to mandy's house.

mallisa's P.O.V

i haerd the door close which meant someone just left. "mallisa get your arse down here right now!!" my father yells i run downstairs "yes?" i ask as nice as i can. "make me food now!" "wheres my mum and lexi?" "none of your fuckin buissness just make my damn food!!" he yells again he always has to take his anger out on me. "what do i make?" " i dont give a fuck but it better be good or else ill ground you and take everything away from you!" "okay." i say, i made him some chicken alfredo and hopfully he liked it. "foods ready!" i say loud enough for him to hear. he walked down stairs got in front of me and slapped me. what the fuck was that for i hold my cheek in pain. "watch your fuckin tone with me. "im sorry." i said with my head down still holding your cheek. i didnt even yell but whatever what can i do. some times i really wish my aunt were here with me *sigh* then i heard a door open meaning lexi and my mum were here. Zayn's P.O.V

"whats wrong mate?" niall askes i sigh and say " a whole lot of things." "and im gonna guess perries one of them?" "yes she is." niall knows me so well... "do you want to talk about it?" "no its alright." " look man your an amazing guy that knows how to treat a women and if she broke up with you its her loss not yours. she will come back for you your worth so much man just keep that an mind alright." "yea thanx ni it means alot." " know do you want to talk about it. speak now or hide forever!" i chuckle a little at what he said "yea'' "okay whats up." "its ...its just that i ..i cant stop thinking about her and i don know why?" i stutter "stop thinking about perrie?" niall asks "nah mallisa i cant stop thinking about mallisa." i sigh again "Damn you too? harry also thinks shes beautifull and im not going to lie i think shes pretty also but i dont know i dont like that she doesnt talk much." niall says "well then i guess i have no chance either way huh." i tell him "nah you do harry well fall for another girl after a while u know him and dont worry about me i can always look another or i like being a single pringle too." i laugh "niall your the best!!" " i know iknow ayy but damn how she beat brittney up!" niall says exagerating " yea i know that was also what i was thinking about. why do you think she said 'i warned you not to touch me' " i said air qouting the i warned you part. " i dont know but she can fight!" "yeah she can but imma go to sleep know its 10:37 and we need to wake up early tommorow so good night." i tell him and hed of to my room.

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