School camp

Missy sims goes on school camp with her
Class and in her class is the boy she's loved
Since kindergarten what happens when she
Gets closer on the camp that lasts 4 months


2. Camp

Missys pov

I sat down at the desk moaning I hate school 

i said to myself as I looked at conner I front of me

 he tuned round to find me staring at him he 

smirked and I blushed looking down.ok class today

we will be talking about camp miss derbies said all 

Excited I sighed camps coming up In 3 days

and we keep on talking about it.ok conner in your tent 

will be just missy and you she said. I froze and conner 

shrugged it off I was really nerves now.finally the bell rang 

I ran out of class and all the way home I sat on my bed and sighed 

what am I gonna do now I thought



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