Demi and Niall attend school together, with Demi having a hopeless crush on Niall. Niall, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with Demi. Read through to discover Nemi.


3. Niall

Demi was sure a strange creature. Sometimes she seemed to avoid me at all costs, but other times she would be sitting in the corner of the hall where my locker was. She would diligently make me a breakfast sandwich when I demanded. 

Louis said I was taking advantage of 'the poor kid', but I didn't think so. I mean if she didn't want to make me breakfast she didn't have to, right? She has a voice - one which often is not used - and she could easily say no. It made my morning easier, I didn't have to get up as early as I would have... and it made Demi feel part of something, I guess. I'm not sure what that something would be... but whatever. 

I really did appreciate her doing it for me even though most think I am sarcastic when I take it and start munching on it with nothing more than a 'this is fabulous! Thanks!', but I mean every word I say. 

As I got on the bus that afternoon I saw Demi wasn't there. For a moment I panicked because she was always on the bus no matter what, but then I remembered her running out of class earlier in the afternoon. She must've gone home sick. 

The bus was crowded and the only seat available was the seat which Demi sat on all by herself. People avoided it like the plague, but I sat on it this time. As I put my bag down on the ground I saw that the seats were ripped but taped carefully back together. I saw a few blood stains on the plastic of the seat. What had Demi been doing here? It was a seat in the middle of the bus, right on the hump of the wheel. My alarms started to go off, but I ignored them. I had more important things to think about. Like, for instance, which girl I should date next. 

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