Demi and Niall attend school together, with Demi having a hopeless crush on Niall. Niall, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with Demi. Read through to discover Nemi.


2. Demi

Niall was always laughing.  When I first met him, I actually heard him before I saw him.  His laughter was booming, but it was sickeningly sweet.  He would laugh, and the class would laugh along with him.  He'd smile, and anyone in his way would simply melt from the sun beams shining down on them.

I suppose I was envious of Niall's happiness. It's what attracted me to him.  His energy, and that soft, light way he just seemed to grace through life was what I yearned for.  I wanted to be happy, too.  But I simply wasn't.  

I'm so unhappy with this skin...this skin that I've been cursed to live in. Insecurities clog up my brain, and drain any beautiful sunlight that can be shown on my skin.  Niall though, he's so beautiful, and so bright.  He was pure sunlight, and I desperate to be burned.  


"Dude! Party this weekend at Lou's! It's going to be siiiiiick!" Niall's "loud enough to wake the dead" laughter bursted through the seems of his glorious pink mouth, as he fist pounded one of his friends.  I peered my eyes up from my sketch pad, my bangs curtaining my view. A small smile played at my lips as I watched him goof around with his mates.  Totally being excessively noisy, and boyishly annoying, but still being cute enough to kiss. 

I couldn't stop smiling as I watched him, and soon, I caught myself drawing the outline to his eyes. They're blue, but unlike any blue I've seen before. Specks of green seem to float along with the blue colour. I could never get the colour right whenever I tried to paint it. It's gotten to the point my paintbrush is screaming at me to give it a rest. 

The focus I was giving the paper before me was so intense, I didn't even realize my biggest daydream/worst nightmare would be staring me right in the eye; Niall was watching me. 

We made direct eye contact for half a second before I turned red, and nausea washed through my body. He smiled at me, and I looked away. 


"Hi Demi!" Niall shouted over the slightly crowded hallway. I turned even redder.  My teeth sunk into my bottom lip, and I gave him and his friends a friendly wave. "You look nice today! Nice choice in...ah...what's that called? Flannel? Flannel! Like the colours." he smiled, causing his friends to laugh, but I knew he was sincere. 

"Thanks Niall..." I blushed, trying my best not to giggle like a school girl. I knew Niall knew I liked him, everyone did. "I uh...I'll see you tomorrow at the bus stop?" I asked nervously, stumbling to my feet. He continued to smile as nice, which made me feel gooey.

"You will, love. You will. Make me a breakfast sandwich again? Like you always do?" his friends laughed, and I wanted to punch every single last one of them. I should want to punch Niall too, but the way he was smiling at me was completely overshadowing his assholey-ness. 

"No onions?" I asked with a heavy sigh. 

"You got it. See you tomorrow, pinky." Niall smirked, pecking his lips out and mimicking a kissing sound. He patted his hand against my arm almost lightly, and cautiously. He was so soft in the nicest ways. I smiled all too big at this gesture, now giggling quietly to myself, hoping to God he wouldn't hear. But he did, and he smirked in response. 


written by namelessaurianna 







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