Cove Love

What happens when a hurt mermaid gets spotted by the famous YouTubers Danisnotonfire, and AmazingPhil. Will they take a video and spread her secret, or will they take her under their wing. Read to see what unfolds. :)


6. 6

I was sitting at a wooden table booth at Starbucks. I was sitting across from Phil. I glanced around the shop looking for Dan. He wasn't in there. I looked down at our hands. They were intertwined. It felt electric, it was like our fingers fit together like a puzzle. "Dani?" Phil said looking into my eyes. "Yeah Phil?" I said looking back at him. "I love you." He said sweetly. "I love you too Phil." I said. He started leaning across the table. I got closer to him and had our lips almost touching. Phil's lips brushed ever so lightly against mine. Sparks flew immediately. My brain started waking up, blurring the vision in my head. The scene turned dark, signaling me to open my eyes. I fluttered my eyes open slowly. I felt refreshed for the first time in a long time. I focused and saw Dan sitting on his bed with his Mac in his lap. I slowly turned my body over and saw Phil sitting next to me, also on his Mac. He looked down at me and smiled brightly. His eyes lit up when he saw I was awake. "Morning sunshine!" He joked. "Mhm." I mumbled scotching myself up into a sitting position. "She lives!" Dan exclaimed from his bed. I looked over to him and smiled tiredly and waved. "Do you want any food Phil?" Dan asked standing up from his browsing position. "Yeah, maybe some tea." He replied not looking away from his screen. "Kay! Dani, do you want anything?" He looked at me questioningly. "Uhm... Like maybe some waffles if they have any?" I asked nicely. "Sure! I shall return!" He said walking out of the hotel room, still in his PJ's. Most people walk around hotels in their PJ's so I didn't recommend him getting dressed. I actually felt hungry! I was really surprised since I thought I couldn't eat while I was human. Then again, I also thought I couldn't sleep. 'Maybe when I'm in my human form I had to eat and drink and sleep just like the rest of them?' I thought to myself. "So, how was your sleep Dani?" Phil asked me, closing his laptop. "Amazing! No pun intended." I smiled hugely. "That's awesome! Mine was pretty good too!" He smiled. "Hey Phil? What time is it?" I asked stretching. "Uhm, 4:30 AM." He said checking his phone. "Geez! Why are you guys up so early?" I asked exasperated. "Well, we have a plane to catch." He said brightly. "Oh, okay, then I should probably leave." I said getting out of the mess of blankets. Just then Dan walked in holding a TON of food and drinks. "DAN! Here let me help you!" I said and quickly grabbed a glass of Orange Juice and a plate. "Thanks!" I set the plate down and quickly realized the glass had condensation on it. I immediately set the cup on the television stand and wiped my hand on Dan's shirt, wiping the water off. "Okay then..." He said chuckling. "Sorry! There was water on the glass! And personally, I didn't want to turn into a fish!" I said grabbing a plate of waffles and sitting on Dan's bed. "Thanks for the waffles by the way." I said giving him a thumbs-up. He laughed and said "No problem!" After we concluded breakfast Dan spoke up. "So Dani, Phil and I have to catch a plane in a few hours an-" I stopped him, "Yeah, I know, I am grabbing my shoes and I'll be on my way out." I said smiling as truthfully as I could. I really didn't want to leave them. We had only known each other for a few days, but we already felt like we had known each other forever. It was going to be really hard to say goodbye. "No! I was going to say...Well Phil and I have become very attached to you over the last few days, and we would really miss you if you left. So we wanted to ask if you wanted to come stay with us for like a week or so in London? We have an extra bedroom, so you could stay in there." He said happily. Phil looked at me and smiled really big. "Guys, are you sure?" I asked with big eyes. "Positive!" They said in unison. "Then sure!" I said. "Yay! Group hug!!" Phil said excitedly. We gathered in a huge hug. We released from eachother. "Okay, well, we need to get ready, so Phil go and take your shower, and while your doing that, we will pack up our stuff. "Okay." He said walking into the bathroom. We heard the water turn on, and started packing up their stuff. After about two hours of switching turns of getting ready and packing, we were ready. Dan was dressed in his "Howl" Shirt, and Phil was wearing a Legend of Zelda shirt. We grabbed their suitcases and walked out of the hotel. We got a Taxi to the airport and waited. "I am so glad your staying with us Dani!" Phil said. "Yeah! It's going to be nice to have a girl around!" Dan smiled warmly at me. "Awh, thanks guys! I can't believe I'm actually going to England!" I said jumping around in my seat. They both laughed and started playing on their Iphones. Finally the intercom told us to get on our plane. Once we got seated we settled in, Phil put his ear buds in, as did Dan. I ended up falling asleep on Phil's shoulder. I didn't have a dream this time but I still felt refreshed. "Dani, it's time to wake up, we're in England.{ Dan's soft posh voice echoed through my sleep. I opened my eyes slowly and stood up. "Yay!" I said still a bit tired, but becoming more and more awake quickly. "Your too slow!" Dan said and picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like I weighed nothing. "Dan! Put me down!" I screamed. "Nope! I'm carrying you to our flat! It's only like 5 minuets away." He said patting my back. I gave up and stopped struggling and relaxed. Dan stopped walking and set me on the ground. We stood in frond of a small white complex. "Welcome to your home away from home!" Phil said gesturing to the apartment on the left. I can't believe I was at Dan and Phil's house! We walked inside and just let me tell you, it was HUGE!
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