Cove Love

What happens when a hurt mermaid gets spotted by the famous YouTubers Danisnotonfire, and AmazingPhil. Will they take a video and spread her secret, or will they take her under their wing. Read to see what unfolds. :)


5. 5

We arrived at Sea World and saw a lady with blonde shoulder length of hair. "That's my Mum." Phil smiled pointing at his mum. I nodded and smiled back. Phil ran up to his mm and gave her a bear hug. Dan and I walked up to them. His mum smiled and gave Dan a hug. "Hey Mrs. Lester!" Dan smiled politely. "Hey Dan!" She smiled. "And who might this young lady be?" Mrs. Lester asked the guys looking at me. "This is Danielle. We met her yesterday, and she's our new best friend!" Dan explained hugging me from the side. "Okay then! Nice to meet you Danielle!" She smiled warmly at me and hugged me. "You too! And call me Dani." I said smiling. "Well let's not just stand here, let's go see some sea creatures!" Mrs. Lester joked. Dan and Phil smirked and looked at me. We walked into Sea World and saw tons of pictures of kids touching a Killer Whale on the nose. The walls were blue and white, and there was life preservers on the walls. It was very beachy. "I'm going to go buy our tickets okay?" She asked. We all nodded. She walked off to the front desk. We waited in the middle of the room looking at all of the stuff. "Hey Dani?" Phil said. "Yeah?" I asked. "Look." He chuckled pointing at a doorway. Above the door was 'Mermaids Welcome' painted in black letters. I giggled and looked back at Phil. "I think they knew you were coming." He said. I looked over at Dan who was wandering around the room. Phil and I walked over to him. "Hey Dan!" I said poking his arm. "Hey Dani!" He said poking my cheek. "Hey Dan!" Phil said. Dan and I pokied Phil in the stomach. We all ended up having a poke war. After about 10 minuets of poking each other and dodging each other's pokes Mrs. Lester walked up to us. "Hey kids!" She smiled. We all stopped poking each other and looked at her. "Heyy!" We all said in unison. "Here's your tickets!" She said happily and handed us our tickets. "Thank you!" I said. We walked into the main aquarium. The first thing we saw was the sharks. "Woah!" Dan awwed at the tank. "I know!" Phil said excitedly. "Hey Dani, have you ever seen a shark this close?" Mrs. Lester asked pointing at the shark that was right next to the glass. "Yeah! The're such relaxed animals, most of the time." I smiled. "Oh, do you go to the aquarium a lot?" She asked me. "You could say that." I said walking up to Dan and Phil. "Hey!" Phil said linking arms with me. Dan ran up to my other side and linked with my other arm. We skipped over to Phil's mum. "Hey?" She said chuckling. "Hayy!" We said in unison. "Com'n, I think I saw a Killer whale over there." She said walking forward. "Leggo!" Dan said pulling Phil and I with him. We followed him. We walked into a different room. I looked over to my right, there was a huge Orca! "Wow! Look Mum!" Phil said looking at the Orca. "I know!" She said. A worker walked by us.She had blonde dip-dyed pink hair. I looked at her name tag. It said Kendra in bright pin letters. "You guys like him?" She said "Yes!!" Phil said jumping around. "If you guys want I can get you in there to pet him." She smiled. "That would be great!" Mrs. Lester said. "Okay, come with me." She smiled leading us through a doorway to the outside of the aquarium. "I'll be right back, I'm going to go get some fish so you can feed him!" She smiled brightly and walked away. Dan and Phil walked over to me and stood by my side. "He's so pretty!" I said. "I know!" Mrs. Lester said. All of a sudden the Orca splashed water up into the air. It was coming straight towards me. "DANI!" Dan yelled and jumped in front of me. I immediately put my hands up in front of me. My palms started glowing. I created an invisible force-field. I pushed my hands forward pushing the water away and throwing Dan across the room. The water fell back into the pool. Silence fell across the room. Phil and Mrs. Lester stared at me. Mrs. Lester looked terrified. "I- I'm so sorry!" I stuttered out and ran out of the room and ran into the girls restroom. I slid down the wall and brought my knees up to my chest. I sobbed into my legs. "Dani?" A british accent said through the door. I stayed silent. "Dani? It's Dan. Are you in there?" He said. "Y-yeah." I said wiping my tear stained cheeks. Dan opened the door and sat down next to me. "Dani, are you okay?" Dan asked rubbing my back comforting me. "No, Dan I just scared Phil's mum, threw you across the room, and revealed my secret to Phil's mum!" I said crying harder. "You guys probably hate me now!" I said. "Babe, yes Phil's mum might be scared right now but she'll understand if we explain what happened. And I'm completely fine! I have a few scratches here and there, but nothing too serious. And Phil and I both understand that you were just protecting yourself! We still love you just as much as we did yesterday!" He said pulling me into his chest. "But what if I hurt you guys again?" I asked wiping my face. "We would understand." He stated simply. "Thanks Dan. And you do realize we're in the girls restroom right?" I said smiling lightly. "Yeah... We should probably get out of here and go talk to Phil and his mum." Dan said standing up and helping me up. "Thanks." I said. "Don't mention it." He said hugging me tightly. We walked out of the bathroom and saw Mrs. Lester and Phil sitting on a bench. "Hi..." I said embarrassed. "Hey hun." Mrs. Lester said. "I'm so sorry! I guess I should expl-" I stared and got interrupted by Mrs. Lester hugging me. "It's okay, and Phil told me everything. I think it's pretty cool!" She said smiling warmly. I nodded and ran up to Phil and hugged him. "I'm so sorry!" I apologized. "It's fine!" He said kissing my head. We should probably go back to the hotel. It's getting late." Dan said. I looked at a clock on the wall. 6:00 PM already! "Yeah, well it was nice seeing you boys! And very nice meeting you Danielle! And I promise not to tell anyone what happened." She said. We all exchanged hugs. Phil, Dan and I walked back to the hotel. I flopped onto the bed and fell asleep. And for the first time in over 2 years, I started dreaming.
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