Cove Love

What happens when a hurt mermaid gets spotted by the famous YouTubers Danisnotonfire, and AmazingPhil. Will they take a video and spread her secret, or will they take her under their wing. Read to see what unfolds. :)


4. 4

I heard Phil start moving in his bed. I turned around to see him stretching. Dan was completely asleep still. He saw me looking at him. "Morning!" He whispered happily. "Hi!" I whispered back waving. Phil got up and walked towards me. "What time is it?" He asked groggily. "Uhmmm 10:00 AM." I replied looking at the digital clock on the end table. "Wow! I'm up early!" He said yawning. I nodded and looked back at the television. "Well, I guess I should wake Dan, since we are going to Ocean World today with my Mum." He said walking up to Dan's bed. "Dan?" Phil said poking Dan's face. "Dan wake up!" He said shaking his body. Dan opened his brown eyes. "Ughgghh Phil why did you wake me up?" Dan whined. "Because we are going to Ocean World with my Mum today! Remember?" Phil said. "Oh yeah... BUT WHY!! We practically have an ocean creature living with us!" Dan said stomping his foot like a five year old. I started laughing hysterically, Phil and Dan looked at me weirdly. "Sorry, I'm just really giggly today." I apologized. They nodded. I started giggling agin, this time for no reason. Phil walked over to me and patted my head. "Strange little child.." He said walking back to Dan. "So when are we leaving?" Dan said, mostly awake. "Uhm let me call my Mum and ask." Phil said pulling out his IPhone. "Hey Mum, what time are we going to Ocean World?" Phil asked his Mum. "Mhm, yeah, okay. Love you too, bye Mum!" He said and hung up the phone. "She said at noon." Phil said putting his phone back into his pocket. "Okay, well I better get ready." Dan started. "Wait! What are we going to do with Dani?" Dan asked pointing at me. "I can stay here while you guys go to Ocean World." I said still giggling slightly. "But Dani!! Don't you want to see the ocean creatures!?" Dan and I looked at him with the 'Really?' kind of look. "What? Oh wait- never mind..." Phil said laughing at himself. "There you go!" Dan said clapping. Phil punched Dan's arm lightly. "I hate you!" Phil said jokingly. "Okay, well I'm going to go get ready." Dan said walking towards the bathroom. "I SHALL RETURN!" Dan said walking into the bathroom and closing the door. "Well. do you wanna come with us? We can make sure you don't get splashed." Phil asked searching through his suitcase for an outfit. "I don't have any clothes to wear." I said. "We can leave a bit early, buy you an outfit, and you can change, and we can all go to Ocean World. Problem solved!" Phil said grabbing his blue and black plaid shirt, and black skinny jeans out of his suitcase. "But I have no money, and NO you will not be buying me one." I said pointing at him. "Fineee than stay here and we will come back." He said. Just then Dan walked out of the bathroom. He was dressed in his laser cat shirt and black skinny jeans. Phil ran up to him and whispered something into Dan's ear. Dan nodded and walked out of the hotel room. "Where's Dan going?" I asked. "Oh he's uh going to go get breakfast." Phil replied walking into the bathroom. "Oh cool!" I said. I sat on the bed for about 5 minuets until Phil walked out and sat across from me on the other bed. "Ugh! What's taking him so long!!" I complained flailing on the bed. "I don't know, he must've caught something on fire." Phil said awkwardly. "Okay." I grumbled. "Let's watch some TV!" Phil said. "Okay!" I said sitting on the edge of the bed next to Phil. Just then Dan walked into their hotel room holding something behind his back. "Hey Dan?" I said. "Yes?" He said. "What's behind your back?" I said sweetly. "YOUR NEW CLOTHES!!" He shouted throwing the bag of clothes at me. "No! Phil I said no!" I said pointing at the bag. "Just wear them, then you can come with us!" He said happily. "But-" He started pushing me into the bathroom. He shut the door. I turned the handle and the door wouldn't budge. "Are you sitting in front of it?!" I said laughing. "Yes, yes I am. And I am not moving until you are changed." Phil said stubbornly. "Phil just let me out!" I complained. "Nope!" He replied. I knew he wasn't going to move so I decided to change. I opened the bag to see a crop top that says 'Maybe I'm A Mermaid' Dan's choice... A pair of skinny jeans, and some black TOMS. Pretty good outfit! I quickly got dressed and brushed my hair with one of Dan's hairbrushes and straightened it with his flat iron. "Okay guys, I'm ready." I said. Might as well be happy. They bought you a new outfit! "Promise?" Dan asked. "Yes I promise! I swear on Lion's life that I am dressed." I joked. The door moved and was soon opened revealing Dan and Phil. Dan clapped his hands in approval. "Okay, what time is it?" I asked. "10 till noon." Phil replied. "Aren't we supposed to meet your Mum at Ocean World at noon? And Ocean World is like 20 minutes away from here." Dan asked. "Shoot! Let's go!" Phil said running out the door followed by Dan. "3,2,1.." I whispered. just as I said 1 the guys ran into the room and pulled me out by the arm. "Sorry Dani!" Phil apologized. We ran out of the hotel and started walking down the street. "so what are you going to say when your Mum asks who I am?" I said worried. "Uhmmm we can say that we met her at the hotel and she is our new best friend?" Dan suggested. "Yeah! But I don't know if my mum will believe us..." Phil said. "It's worth a shot." I said. "Yeah!" Phil said. After another 10 minutes of walking we finally arrived at Ocean World. I saw a blonde lady standing at the gates waving at us. That must be Phil's Mum!
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