Cove Love

What happens when a hurt mermaid gets spotted by the famous YouTubers Danisnotonfire, and AmazingPhil. Will they take a video and spread her secret, or will they take her under their wing. Read to see what unfolds. :)


3. 3

I walked into their room, "Whoa! This room is huge!!" I exclaimed walking around the hotel room. I squinted. The room was also extremely bright. At least to me, my eyes are very sensitive to light, because the ocean is usually very dark. So my eyes let in as much light as possible. "Dani? Do you want me to dim the lights a bit?" Phil asked. He must've saw me squinting. "Only if you guys don't mind, I mean it is YOUR room." I laughed. He chuckled and nodded. "It's no problem, there you go." He smiled dimming the lights to where they were still really bright to me, but a lot better. "Thanks!" I smiled walking over to the window. It was now pitch black, and raining and thundering. I heard their was going to be a storm, but I didn't know it was going to be this bad. "It's really coming down out there!" Phil exclaimed walking over to the window, followed by Dan. I continued staring out the window memorized by the storm. "Dani, are you okay?" Dan asked looking at me. "Huh- Oh yeah, the storm is just so pretty!" I said looking back at Dan, "I know! I'm so glad we found you! You could've been outside in the rough ocean right now!" He replied. "Yeah, thanks again!" I said. "So what's it lik-" Phil got interrupted by thunder booming outside of the hotel. Right then the power went out. The guys screamed. I jumped and stood as still as still as a statue. It was complete darkness. They couldn't see their hand if it was in front of them, while I could see the whole room perfect. All of a sudden my eyes started glowing a bright blue. Dan and Phil stared at me. They screamed again staring at me. I immediately covered my eyes with my hands. "No! Open them again! We need light." Phil squeaked. I slowly removed my hands from my face and opened my eyes. Light shined around the room. "Thanks!" Dan squealed and hugged me. "Your welcome" I said more as a question then a reply. He laughed. It wasn't completely light to them but it was better. "Yay!!" The squealed. "I love being friends with a mermaid!" Phil said doing a happy dance. We all laughed. "I wonder when the power will be back." Dan wondered out loud. "I don't know, usually hotels have power generators. So pretty soon I'm guessing." Phil replied. We heard a knock at our door. Phil walks u and opens it. A lady about 30 walked into the room. Dan immediately pulled me onto the floor on the other side of the bed so I wouldn't be seen. "Hello! I'm just checking on all of our guests to make sure everyone is okay." Dan and I heard the lady say. "Oh, hi! Yep we're fine." Phil said. "Okay! The power should be back soon, have a nice night." The lady said. We heard the door shut. We stood up and walked over to Phil. "Wow! That was close!!" I exclaimed. "Yeah!" I said. The guys both yawned. "I'm tired." Dan complained. "So am I!" Phil replied. "Dani? Where are you going to sleep?" Phil asked me pointing to the slightly lit beds. "I don't sleep, I'll just sit and watch TV." I smiled. "Okay. We'll I'm gonna go change. And I'm gonna hit the sack." Dan said walking into the bathroom, "So am I." Phil said walking towards the bathroom door. He waited for Dan to come out and then immediately got dressed and came out. "Okay goodnight Dani!" Dan and Phil yawned and got into their beds. "Night!" I smiled and started watching TV. All night I watched tons of stupid shark or monster movies such as Sharknado, or MegaShark Vs Giant Octopus.
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