Cove Love

What happens when a hurt mermaid gets spotted by the famous YouTubers Danisnotonfire, and AmazingPhil. Will they take a video and spread her secret, or will they take her under their wing. Read to see what unfolds. :)


2. 2

I was swimming in my usual spot in the empty cove swimming with all of the fish. When suddenly I hear movement in the water that wasn't me. I swam into the deep part of the cove, so that I was just peeking my head up. There was a boy, about 20, with dark brown hair. I couldn't see him that well so I couldn't see any details. I studied him as he snorkeled looking at fish. All of a a sudden a loud splash came from right next to me. I turned around quickly. There was a man with black short hair and stunning blue eyes. I gasped and opened my icy blue eyes wide. The boy smiled and looked behind me and gaped. I quickly bolted but was stopped by my wrist being grabbed. I squirmed about in the water splashing around. I was sure that him and the other boy had seen my tail. I'm going to have to move somewhere else, I'm going to be hunted again. My mind wandered in things bad that could happen. He pulled my wrist so that I came with him to the shallow area. I struggled to get away, but when I moved my tail, it felt like I was being ripped in half. I grabbed onto the ledge and pulled myself into a sitting position. The boy sat next to me still holding my wrist so I couldn't wriggle free. "You know, I'm not gonna move, I can't!" I said harshly. He was probably some scientist that wanted to cut me open and do DNA samples. The man nodded and let go. "DAN!" The man yelled. Dan? As in Dan Howell? WAIT!! He is AmazingPhil!! The icy blue eyes, the british accent! The boy I saw earlier ran over. And that was Dan!! "Dan look!" Phil said pointing at me. I didn't know weather to be scared of what they might do to me, or exited that I was meeting my idols. "Whoa!" Dan awwed at me. I stared at him, afraid of what he was going to do. "What's your name babe?" Phil asked. I gulped. "D-Danielle" I choked out. At this point, I wasn't afraid, I was just starstruck. "Okay well Danielle, I'm Dan, and this is my friend Phil!" He said reaching out to shake my hand. I flinched back. "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!" He apologized. "Oh, no it's okay, I just am not used to humans not being afraid of me, especially famous one!" I giggled. "Wait! You know who we are?! There are underwater computers!! Underwater WIFI?!?" Phil exclaimed. I giggled and shook my head. "I watched you guys when I was human" I explained. They nodded. "Ohhh." They both said. my tail really hurt! "Uhh Dani? Can I call you that?" Dan started. "Yeah, all my old friends called me that!" I smiled. "Your tail is bleeding..." Phil said. I looked down. " MY GOB!" I screamed. There was a huge gash in my fusha tail! "Oh my gosh! Phil! Go get a rag!!" Dan exclaimed. Phil ran off out of sight from us. "Can you feel the cut?" Dan asked. "Yes Dan I can feel pain." I said giving him a 'really?' kind of look. "WELL! I didn't know!!" He defended himself. We both laughed. "I'm back!! Here's a rag!" Phil said tossing the rag in Dan, and my's direction. We both caught half of it. "Dan I can do it myself." I told him. "I can help!" He said. "I don't want you too!" I laughed. "But I want to!!" He said. He yanked on the rag and I let go right before he did so he punched himself in the face. "Well played..." He said. He slowly approached my tail. He lightly dabbed the cloth onto my scales. I flinched off of reflex. "Am I hurting you?" Dan said worriedly. I shook my head. "No, I'm just not used to my tail being touched" I explained. He nodded and continued cleaning my cut, a little bit of my tail was still in the water, so my tail wouldn't dissapear. He finished by dabbing some Neosporin onto my tail. "Well now I can say I've cleaned a mermaid's tail!" He said proudly. "And I can say I have seen a mermaid!!" He said excitedly. I shook my head "No, please don't tell anyone about this!" I pleaded. They nodded. "Thank you!" I said gratefully. I tried to flop my tail. It hurt really bad, and I couldn't move it very well. I gave the guys a worried look. "Dani? Are you okay to swim?" Phil asked. "Y-yeah. i'm fine." I half smiled. "No your not, we are going to take care of you!" Dan said posing like a hero. I giggled. "You do realize, I have a tail!!!" I questioned Dan emphasizing tail. He nodded. "Don't you have legs?" Phil asked. OH YEAH! "Yeah! But I have no clothes..." I said realizing if I changed into legs that I would be completely naked. "Ohh, we could ask Phil's Mum to borrow a skirt." Dan suggested looking at Phil. "Oh yeah! We can tell her that we need it to make a video!" Phil said. "Go!" Dan said shooing Phil off to get a skirt or pajama pants hopefully. Phil ran towards the direction of I think his Mums house. "Hey Dan what time is it?" I asked. It was getting close to sunset and I was getting tired. "IT'S ADVENTURE TIME!!" He joked. We both started laughing like crazy. Phil walked up to us while we were still laughing. We calmed down and looked at Phil who was holding a handful of clothes. He tossed some yaga pants at me. "Here you go!" He smiled. I smiled back. "Now change into those and holler for us when your done. We're gonna go behind the rock so you can have some privacy." He said pulling Dan along with him. I dried off my tail and watched it dissenagrate. I slipped on the yoga pants and walked towards the rock. "Hey guys!" I said waving. "ERMERGERD SHE HAS LEGS!!" Dan shouted giving me a hug. "Yes... Yes I do.." I said giving him a funny look. "Hey, what time is it?" I asked. It was now sunset and about 20 minuets till dark. "uh, it's 7:30." Phil responded. "Woah!" Dan and I said. "We better get going back to the hotel, it's about a 40 minute walk and it's getting dark." Phil suggested. Dan and I nodded. Phil, Dan and I started walking to their hotel when a loud thunder came from behind us. I jumped and sqeeked. Phil wrapped his arm around me, "It's just thunder" He comforted. "I know, it just surprised me." I giggled. "Okay then," Phil said. By now it was almost compleatly dark. "So Dani, how old are you?" He said looking at me. "Oh, I'm 16!" I smiled. "Cool!" He said. I giggled and continued following him and Phil. We finally reached their hotel just before it started raining. Thank god! We ran inside the lobby and skipped off to their room.
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