Cove Love

What happens when a hurt mermaid gets spotted by the famous YouTubers Danisnotonfire, and AmazingPhil. Will they take a video and spread her secret, or will they take her under their wing. Read to see what unfolds. :)


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Hello! My name is Danielle Parks, I have bleach blonde hair, and stunning blue eyes. tumblr_ln5w7l1yYT1qbkb3no1_500_large_large I'm not just an average teenager though, I'm a mermaid. Now wait, don't be like the others and walk away at this point in my story. I promise this is 100% true, just listen. I'm 16 years old and a mermaid. Let's go back to before I became a mermaid. *2 years earlier* I woke up to the sun shining through my window, another beautiful day in Oregon. More like a beautiful day to go surfing! I sat up and texted my best friend Courtney. Courtney has been my best friend since about 4th grade. She has blonde hair and electric blue eyes. To: Courtney HI! Do you want to go surfing with me and Kassie? I sent it to her. Kassie is our other best friend. She has long brown hair and bright green eyes. In my opinion Kassie and Courtney are the prettiest people on the planet! My phone dinged and gave me a signal that Courtney had texted me back. From: Courtney Really! You woke me up!!! I was dreaming about Louis Tomlinson!! And you ruined that for me!! :'( And okay!! I'll come and pick you up at noon k? :D Shoot! I hate being an early riser, I always text people really early and wake them up. I looked over at my alarm clock. 10:00 that's not early! I texted Courtney back quickly. To: Courtney Sorry! LOUIS TOMLINSON!!! I am the worst person in the world! And you should be up by now! It isn't that early! And kk see you then! :) I closed out of texts and got ready to call Kassie, she can't text because her parents don't think she is responsible enough to text. I dialed her number into the dial pad and put the phone up to my ear. "Hello?" Kassie's energetic voice rang through the phone. She was always happy. And awake at all time. "Hey Kas, do you wanna go surfing with Courtney and I today?" I asked happily. "Sure! What time?" She questioned. "Noon!" I immediately answered. "Kay! I'll meet you guys there! Bye!" She spoke "Bye!" I sqeeled and hung up the phone. I set my phone back on the charger and got up to look for some clothes. "BREAKFAST IS READY!" My mothers voice yelled from downstairs. "COMING MOM!!" I yelled back. I skipped down the stairs and jumped down the last few. Thee smell of chocolate chip pancakes hit me like a ton of bricks. "Oh my gosh!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!" I exclaimed hugging my mom. I LOVE chocolate chip pancakes. I grabbed a plate with about 4 pancakes on it glazed with wondrous butter and drizzled with syrup. "MMmmmmnnn" I awed at my pancakes. "So hun' what are you doing today?" My mom asked from the kitchen. I put my finger up to signal I was chewing. She nodded, I swallowed my pancakes and looked up at her. "I'm going surfing with Kassie and Courtney!" I replied putting my empty plate in the sink. "Oh okay hunny." She said walking into the living room. I jogged up my stairs and smacked straight into my bedroom door. "AHGHGHG!!" I screamed falling backwards. "You okay?" My mom called. "Yeah, but THIS DOOR WANTS TO KILL ME!" I yelled the last part. She chuckled. I stood up and brushed myself off and walked into my room. I flung myself onto my bed and flopped. I sat there for a minuet then looked at my clock. 10:30, hmm well I guess I can get ready. I stood up and went to my closet. I decided on my black and white bikini, and my pink sunglasses and beach bag. I took a shower, got changed, brushed my teeth and put my hair up into a ponytail. I checked the clock, 11:00. GAAH Time is going by so slowly!!! I walked out of the bathroom and walked into my bedroom. I decided to go on YouTube and watch AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire, I opened Phil's channel first, I watched about 10 of his videos. I switched over to Dan's channel. I watched about 5 of his. Courtney had never been very into them. She said that they were funny, but she just didn't want to watch them. Kassie on the other hand didn't like them at all. She said they weren't funny. I glanced at the clock. 11:55!! I gotta go!! I grabbed my bag, sunglasses, and stuffed my bag full of stuff. I heard footsteps running up the staircase. "Knock knock!" I heard a familiar voice say. Courtney opened my door. I attacked her with a bear hug. What? I like hugs! There like big things of happiness! "Courtney!!!!" I screamed. "Dani!!!!!!" She yelled back. She was wearing A panda one piece with her blonde hair flowing over her shoulders. And some cute tan strappy sandals. Her surfboard must be outside. "Ready to go?" She asked. I nodded and walked out of my house. She grabbed her surfboard off of the sidewalk while I walked into my garage and grabbed mine. We started walking to the beach. I don't live far away from the beach so I always just walk. We talked about random stuff and finally got to the beach. We stuck our boards in the sand and layed our towels down. We layed on the sand waiting for Kassie, after about 10 minuets we saw Kassie walk towards us. She was wearing a pink, grey, and white swimsuit, and carrying her pink surfboard. "Kassie!!!" We screamed and ran up to her and gave her a sandy bear hug. "Ready to surf?" Courtney asked. "YES!!" We all cheered. We grabbed our surfboards and ran into the water. We surfed for about a two hours, it was starting sunset so we all gathered back together. "Hey guys, I think we should be getting back." Kassie suggested. "Yeah I guess, 1 more wave!" Courtney replied. "Okay!' Kassie agreed. We all paddled out farther. The ocean was flat and the sun was going down. "Hey guys! There's no waves. We should go back!" I yelled over to them. "Yeah we should!" Kassie yelled paddling over to me. Courtney did the same. "Uhm, which way do we go?" I asked with a worried expression. I looked around us. There was no beach anymore. "I don't know. We paddled out too far." Kassie said sitting up on her board. Courtney and I layed down on our backs with our hair in the water. "We could try one direction, and if that doesn't work then we will go the other way." Courtney suggested. "Yeah, we could but then what if we get turned around? Then we'll get lost and even farther away from shore." I sighed. "True..." Kassie added. We all stayed silent for a while. Soon it was compleatly dark and drizzeling rain. "Now what? I heard there's supposed to be a storm tonight." Kassie said. "Uhh we should find somewhere to take cover." Courtney suggested. We both nodded in agreement. The moon was full so we had enough light to see each other. We paddled over to the left hoping for a rock wall. We saw a bit of light coming from one of the parts of the wall. We swam over to the glowing part. It was a hole in the rocks. It was about 4 feet above the ocean. We got off of our bords and stood on a little ledge. We put a big rock on top of each of our ankle cords. We climbed up the rocks until we reached the hole. "Should we go in?" Courtney asked. "Yeah" Kassie and I said quietly. I peaked through the hole. It was BEAUTIFUL! It was like it was created for someone to live in. There was a HUGE ledge that looked smooth as marble, a big pool of water, but not connecting to the sea, and strange glowing rocks. "Woah!" I gasped. They both looked inside too. We stood there in awe for a good 5 minuets but were interrupted by lightning. "Go in!" Kassie screamed. She never liked lightning. She said it was too loud. We screamed when it happened again. We crawled into the cave. It was so warm, and dry in there! "My gob!" Courtney gaped at it. I walked over to a corner and sat down. I was really tired. "Dani! You can't sleep! We have to look around!" Kassie whined. I groaned and stood up. I walked around the walls. I reached down and ran my hands through the water. It made my hand feel warm and fresh. I sat down and put my legs in the water. "Woah!" I sighed swinging my feet around in the water. Courtney and Kassie sat down and did the same thing. We sat there talking about how this place was so amazing. *Bang!* A lightning bolt crashed straight into the water making an indoor hurricane. We fell into the water from the force. It was weird it didn't shock us, it just numbed our whole bodies. I went limp but yet I was still floating. "Guys?" I asked, I looked over and they were floating just like I was. I started getting feeling back in my arms, but my legs were still feeling-less. We all looked at each other. I looked down. "AGHGHG!" I screamed bloody murder. Where my legs used to be was a metallic purple tail! Kassie and Courtney both screamed, I looked over at them. They had tails too! Courtney had a pink tail while Kassie had a green tail. We all looked at each other and screamed again. We were lucky nobody else was here. I felt myself start so fall back into the water. I pulled myself back up. It was so easy to swim with a tail! They had the same thing happen to them. We all swam to the edge of the pool. I lifted myself up out of the water and onto the ledge where I was completely out of the water. Soon enough my tail disintegrated and I was left with my legs."AGHGG!! Don't look!!!" I screamed. I didn't have clothes! I quickly grabbed my swim shorts out of the water and slipped them on. "Okay your good!" I replied. They turned their heads to me. They got out of the water and grabbed their swimsuit bottoms and waited for their tails to dissapear. When they did we all turned away so we could change. "Okay so rule number 1 of being a mermaid. ALWAYS make sure to be in private when you dry off. And when you have a tail for that matter." Kassie added. "True dat!" I said. For the rest of the night we talked about rules for being a mermaid. In the morning we swam back to the beach, and changed back into humans, in a corner of the beach. Went home and said we got lost but we were okay. Everything was fine, until one day I accidentally got splashed with water. I turned into a mermaid in the middle of work. My boss called 911 and they tried to take me away. I ran away as fast as I could and jumped into the ocean and swam far, far away. I made it to Florida. People were still looking for me so I couldn't do anything outside of swim. Lucky for me I could eat fish. Sometimes at night I would take a swim around the tropical fish swimming area, sometimes in the day, but only on days when there was nobody swimming. I didn't ever speak to my friends again. Danielle: tumblr_mh5gv6kCoF1rmsb2wo1_250 Kassie: Courtney: beautiful-blonde-blue-eyes-callmegiraffe-girl-inspiring-picture
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