The one thing they didn't know...

My names Dania and I have a secret no one knows except for me and another person. I hope I never see that other person again. My wish will probably never come true.


2. The Concert

Dania's P.O.V

I wake up to my alarm going off. I do my routine and grab my white crew neck with white skinny jeans. I'm dreading for tomorrow. I don't eat again. I start my walk for school. I get to school. This time I put all the stuff I don't need into my locker before I go into my homeroom. I walk in and see my girls sitting down talking.

 I walk over to them and sit down. "Hey Dania you excited about tonight?" Jessica asked with a fat ass grin on her face. "Cant wait." I say sarcastically with a sad smile. I've been a quiet person for most of my life. I've never talked to really anyone except for Jess and Heather. The school bitches always pick on me and bully me. I never have the courage to speak up and be heard and it really sucks. They have beat me and all this shit. Once I was taking a shower in the locker room after gym and they took all my clothes. So I was running around the school in only a towel. It was so humiliating.

"Well we are going to have fun I promise." Heather tries to reassure me. "That will be a promise that you actually will break." I say under my breath so no one can hear me.

We finished school and I actually didn't get picked on today. I am laying on my bed. I am not going to get dressed up for One Direction. I walk to my dresser and grab my black crew neck and Hertford United sweatshirt. I quickly pull them both over my head. I grab my black skinny jeans and put them on. I put my hair into a messy bun.

Heather arrives at my house with Jessica in the front. The girls know I like sitting in the back. I get in the car. "Hey you too." I said. "Did you eat anything?" Heather asks in her mother tone. I stay silent. "That's what I thought. We are going to Starbucks and McDonalds. Since I know you love coffee." She smiles at me. I smile back and nod. She drives off.

I am currently drinking my mocha and Eating a quarter pounder. Heather made me get quite a bit from McDonalds. We all finish our food and arrive at the O2 arena. We all pile out of the car. We start walking to the arena. We see a decent line for a One Direction concert.

We get out tickets scanned. Heather hands the man our V.I.P passes to scan them with the grey scanner. I am going to regret coming to this concert. We walk to our seats in the very front row. I was last then Heather then Jess. We we're kind of in the middle of the row.

Soon the whole arena is filled with a bunch of screaming girls. The lights go dark except for the stage lights. The music starts and One Direction come out singing. I roll my eyes to see how perky they all look. They are too perky for me. Jess and Heather are practically screaming the lyrics too them. I don't know very many of their songs so I just hum and stand there with my arms crossed over my chest.

They soon start to sing Diana. I know this whole song because its about self-harm and that kind of stuff, and I've done that so I have memorized this song.




The concert is over and the part that I've been dreading is about to happen. The security guards escort us backstage. They lead us to a room that looks very comfortable, but not my style. Both the girls sit down on the little couch provided in the room. I just stand.

"Why are you still standing? You know you can sit down with us right?" Heather says eyeing me suspiciously. Soon the door opens to the small room and 5 male bodies walk in. I keep my head down.

"Ello loves, what your names?" I think Louis asks. "I'm Heather." Heather introduces herself. "I'm Jessica." Jess has a smile on her face. Who would be happy to meet these guys. Oh wait them. I stay silent. Heather nudges me. "And I'm a person that is categorized as a female." I say still having y head down. The boys chuckle, but I'm being serious. "This is-" Heather starts but I cut her off. "Don't you fucking say my name. I barely even know these pricks." I say angrily. I have my head up so I can see their faces. They all have shocked expressions on their faces. "What is your problem?" Heather asks annoyed. "He is." I point to Liam. "I better go." I swiftly ran out of the small room with too much testosterone. I walk out of the building. I grab my cell phone and call Popi. 

*Ring *Ring *Ring

Popi answers. "Hey Dania how's the concert going?" Popi asks all happy. "Not good. Can you pick me up at the O2 arena?" I ask into the phone. "Yeah sure be right there." He says. I hear the worrie in his voice. I hang up. The building door quickly opens and out steps out everyone I saw in that tiny room.

"What did I ever do to you?" Liam asks in a sassy tone. "See he doesn't even fucking recognize me." I say under my breath, but everyone can still hear me. "Dania quit being mean to Liam-" Liam cuts her off. "Dania is that you." He asked in a calmer tone. "Don't even Liam, I don't want to fucking talk to you." I say sternly.

Popi arrives. I quickly get in the car. "YOU BETTER EAT SOMETHING WHEN YOU GET HOME! I BETER NOT FIND THAT YOU HAVE LOST WEIGHT!" Heather calls out to me. "I PROMISE!" I call back to her.

I wish I never came to this stupid fucking concert and saw him again.

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