The one thing they didn't know...

My names Dania and I have a secret no one knows except for me and another person. I hope I never see that other person again. My wish will probably never come true.


3. Everything is Fucked up....

Heather's P.O.V

Why did Dania just run off like that. What is her problem with Liam. I thought she would at least put a smile on her face. Liam hasn't  done anything to her. I'm really curious as to what the fuck is going on. After she left with Popi, we all looked at each other with confusion on our faces except for Liam's. His head is down in shame.

"Ok Liam I am going to ask this question as nicely as possible. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!" I scream at him in the vacant parking lot. "Ummm...I don't know if I'm supposed to tell you." He looked at his shoes, suddenly fascinated in his shoes. "TELL ME OR I SWEAR I WILL KICK YOUR ARSE!!!" I screamed at him getting closer and closer to the scared boy.

"Well....." He started off. I wasn't going to get any where with this boy. I pull Jessica with me to my car without saying anything. "IN." I say in a stern voice. She immediately jumps into the car while I get in the car. I quickly right my number on a peace of paper and start the car. I pull over to Liam. "Here's my number call me when you can, because I will be talking to you and Dania." I tell him handing him the small piece of paper. "And yes you can give it to the boys." I quickly drive off. Me and Jess sat in silence all the way to Dania's apartment. I park in a parking space and head up the stairs to Dania's apartment. I use my spare key and head inside the house. There's no one in the living room so I head upstairs and go into the bathroom. I find Dania laying on the bathroom floor laying in a puddle of blood, with cuts all up her arms.. My phone starts ringing. "Jessica pick her up and take her to the car." I told her and she does just that. I answer my phone. "Hel-lo" I stutter into the phone. "Heather it's me Liam. What's wrong?" He asks concerned. I start running down the stairs. "Meet me at the Wolver Hampton hospital. I will tell you when you get there." I hang up and go to my car that has Jess in the back with Dania laying across the seats. 

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