We Belong Together<3

"Forget them." I said hugging her tightly. "They are just jealous because you're beautiful and they look like ugly cows." She chuckled and rubbed the tears away. "Lets stay together forever." She smiled and held out her pinkie towards me. I smiled and locked my pinkie with hers. "Forever." To think that promise was made over fourteen years ago, and it's still strong as ever. Now we are nineteen and living together in our own place. Who would have guessed what would happen next... Read :)


10. Morning.

Jazlyn's POV:

I woke up noticing Rory was smiling in her sleep. Whatever she was dreaming it must have been nice. I didn't want to wake her so I quietly got dressed and decided to explore the outdoors. I had shorts on with a pull over hoodie, then my typical converse shoes flashing my favorite color, green with glittery shoelaces. With my shades covering my eyes I wandered into the woods listening to the birds chirp. I loved the sound of birds singing. Suddenly I felt someone touch my arm. I almost screamed my head off until I realized it was just Drew. 

"What are you doing out here?" He asked trying not to laugh at the face I was making. 

"Exploring." I smiled. 

"Alone? Aren't you afraid you're gonna get raped or something?" He chuckled. 

"Not until you said something.." I muttered. 

"I promise I won't rape you." He laughed walking in front of me. "You'll be asking for it." 

"What?" I hurried up to him. 

"Oh nothing." He winked at me causing me to blush a bit. I followed him down a path until we got to the lake. Keaton and some of the One Direction boys were sitting at a bench while one was cooking on the grill. They turned their heads when Drew said something to Keaton. 

"You're that girl from that store aren't you?" Louis asked and I nodded. 

"Her name is Jazz." Keaton said smiling at me. 

"I thought your name was Jazzy?" The blonde boy said. That was Niall I believe. 

"It's actually Jazlyn but Aurora calls me Jazzy and others call me Jazz." I mumbled. I felt very out of place around all of these boys. I mean Harry was sitting there staring hardcore at me. I walked around in the ankle deep water staring down at the reflection of myself. Who was that girl staring at me. I kicked the reflection and almost fell into the water but someone had caught me. I looked up into bright blue eyes. He set me back on my feet before walking over to the grill. I made my way back to the house but somehow I managed to get lost in the woods. Great. 

I tried to look for something familiar that I saw on the way out of the house. Nothing. I really got myself in some shit. I sighed and plopped down against a tree. I pulled my knees up to my chest and rested my head on them. Why do I always seem to wander until I'm lost. I remember the day I met Aurora, I was wandering around and got lost. Then all of a sudden this weird girl with blonde hair pops out of nowhere and has this goal of trying to get me to smile. After my mother died I stopped smiling for anyone, specially when my father remarried. I hated the thought of my mother being replaced. 

"Why'd you run off?" I looked up to see Drew. 

"I wasn't running..." I muttered. "I was trying to get back to the house..."

"You don't have a good sense of direction do you?" He teased as I blushed. "Here follow me." He held out his hand for me. I took it and followed him back to the house. We walked inside to see the other two One Direction boys and Wesley. Aurora was sitting by the counter when she heard us come inside she turned her head and smiled at me. I went to the room and plopped down on the bed. I stared up at the ceiling with thoughts flooding my mind. I cuddled the pillow and let out another sigh.

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