We Belong Together<3

"Forget them." I said hugging her tightly. "They are just jealous because you're beautiful and they look like ugly cows." She chuckled and rubbed the tears away. "Lets stay together forever." She smiled and held out her pinkie towards me. I smiled and locked my pinkie with hers. "Forever." To think that promise was made over fourteen years ago, and it's still strong as ever. Now we are nineteen and living together in our own place. Who would have guessed what would happen next... Read :)


2. In the Beginning

Aurora's POV

So our friendship all started on a fateful sunny day, I was five and very adventurous. I was wandering through the woods when I saw this little brunette girl who looked around my age, turns out she was my neighbor. She was frowning, and I must say I hate it when people frown so I ran up to her and started talking. She gave me a funny look and refused to smile it seemed. I wasn't giving up though, I was going to bother her until she did. It took a long while actually, but I went to her house everyday, relentless. I WILL make her smile I said to myself, and one day it happened, I had almost given up by this time, it had been a few months. I was talking to her and then we got on the subject of kittens. Yes it was that simple, I had just gotten one and I had asked if she wanted to come over to see it, shyly she said yes. We went over to my house and my little kitten Sheila hopped right into her lap as we sat down, and there it was. Her smile. She looked up at me still smiling and we just laughed. No reason, there wasn't a joke. Just laughter because we could. 


Now, 14 years later. We have an apartment together and are best friends. She still has that same smile, although it usually only appears around me, and my life goal is to make sure her smile lasts through everything. So far, I think I've done a good job, here she is now, back home from the recording studio.

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