We Belong Together<3

"Forget them." I said hugging her tightly. "They are just jealous because you're beautiful and they look like ugly cows." She chuckled and rubbed the tears away. "Lets stay together forever." She smiled and held out her pinkie towards me. I smiled and locked my pinkie with hers. "Forever." To think that promise was made over fourteen years ago, and it's still strong as ever. Now we are nineteen and living together in our own place. Who would have guessed what would happen next... Read :)


7. Found

Aurora's POV

I had walked into the hotel, long-board in hand when I realized Jazz was gone. Great. What the hell?! We won and she supposed to be here for it. I bet she's thinking somewhere along the lines that it's just me they want, she really doesn't understand that her voice is beautiful, just like she is. I can't do this without her, nor do I ever want to.I have to go find her. I'm guessing she went to the beach, she loves it there. I rode as fast as I could, and then I saw them. 3 of them actually. Jazzy, Harry from 1D and Keaton from E3. Something was definitely up. Especially with Harry wobbling like that.

"Jazzy!" I yelled.


Keaton's POV

I decided to sneak away from the guys and everyone for a stroll on the beach. There weren't many people around thank god. I just wanted to walk and think for awhile. I started thinking about that girl from the mall. Man she was beautiful. I kept thinking of her pacific blue eyes, how they struck through my heart the moment I saw her. Yeah yeah, I sound ridiculous I know. I don't even know her, and I'll probably never see her again, but a guy can have hope can't he? I guess I should forget.


"I have to go.." I heard a frightened voice nearby, it sounded familiar.


"Oh come on love, I just want to talk to you for a little bit!" now I knew that voice. It was Harry Styles. Oh man.


"Hey stop it, th-that hurts.. " I heard a struggling sound and I started running. 

It's her.

The girl from the other day. I saw Harry grabbing her, trying to pull her back towards him. My body moved on it's own and hit him. 

"She said that hurt, I think she wants you t leave her alone Harry."

"But.. I just wanted to-to talk to her." He was drunk. Or at least buzzed, I could tell now. He isn't himself when he's like this. 

I felt her tense up behind me. 

"Jazzy!!!" I heard some girl scream. It was the blondie that was with Jazz. Jazzy slowly walked towards her, and looked at Harry. 

"It's okay, he isn't himself, but I've got him for you hun." I told her. She smiled at me, it made my heart flutter, I saw her blush.

"What's going on????" The blonde girl asked.

"It's fine now Aurora." Jazz said. 

Aurora looked from me to the wobbling Harry. 

"You're Keaton. Thanks for being there for Jazzy." She smiled. 

"Anything for someone as beautiful as Jazz is." I said.

Jazz looked surprised. 

"Yeah I remember you. You both should come and visit us sometime at the hotel." I just wanted to spend time with this girl, I wrote down our room number and my cell number, and walked over to give it to Jazz. She took it, and then headed away on her skateboard with Aurora cruising ahead of her. She looked back at me and waved. Now to get Harry back to the rest of the guys. I sighed.





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