We Belong Together<3

"Forget them." I said hugging her tightly. "They are just jealous because you're beautiful and they look like ugly cows." She chuckled and rubbed the tears away. "Lets stay together forever." She smiled and held out her pinkie towards me. I smiled and locked my pinkie with hers. "Forever." To think that promise was made over fourteen years ago, and it's still strong as ever. Now we are nineteen and living together in our own place. Who would have guessed what would happen next... Read :)


8. Boys.

Jazlyn's POV:

I followed Aurora back to the hotel up to the room nervously. I played with my phone in the elevator putting Keaton's number in my phone. I heard a door open up so I looked up into a pair of bright blue eyes. 

"You're Jazzy and Aurora right?" He asked and we nodded. "Come on in." 

We walked in and took a seat. Wesley walked out of the bathroom in a pair of shorts but no shirt. Rory couldn't help but stare. I giggled and playfully poked her. She blushed and turned her attention to her phone. 

"We were about to head to a vacation house, you girls are welcome to join us." Welsey smiled staring at Rory. 

"Are you sure?" She asked with her cheeks still a bit red. 

"I'm positive." He grinned. 

"We'd have to stop by our house and get some clothes..." I muttered. 

"That's understandable." Drew smiled. 

We all headed down the stairs to their car. Wesley drove while Rory sat in the passenger seat. I sat in the backseat with Drew. When we got to our house we quickly went inside and grabbed some things. I was the first one to come back out and as I was getting back into the car I looked up to see Drew staring out of the window with a small smile on his face as his blue eyes glowed. I was in awe until I felt Aurora poke my sides causing me to jump.  She giggled as she took her seat in the front. 

"Shouldn't we tell Keaton?" I asked. 

"I texted him telling him to meet us there." Wesley said. 

"Oh okay." I muttered. 

I looked back at Drew and noticed the small music note behind his ear. This boy was quite interesting. I felt my phone buzz off so I turned my attention to it. 

From: Best Friend Trish(:
Hey girly! How's meeting the boys go? Did you snag a boyfriend? How about Aurora, did she snag one of their hearts? :D

 To: Best Friend Trish(: 
Trisssssh! Don't talk so weird! But yes I think Rory snagged one of their hearts. I think she caught the eye of Wesley, the way he looks at her is so adorable! I don't think any of them like me though, I mean why would they? 

 From: Best Friend Trish(:
Oh hush! You're beautiful! I bet at least one of them secretly likes you but you're too naive to notice!

My attention turned from my phone back up to Drew who was poking my arm. He had a soft smile on his face and when he noticed he got my attention he pointed out the window. I turned my head to see a beautiful humming bird. My mouth gasped open at the beautiful sight. When we got to the house my mind was blown by how beautiful it was. Lets not forget that it was also near a lake and woods. I already knew I was going to enjoy this place. Aurora locked arms with me as we walked inside. My heart dropped when I saw Harry Styles sleeping on the couch. 

"What's he doing here?" Wesley asked Keaton as he popped his head out from the corner. 

"He's not the only one..." Keaton muttered. "They wouldn't accept no." He frowned.

"I'll show you ladies to your room." Drew said grabbing our bags as we followed him. He opened the door to a beautiful room with blue walls and wooden floor. He set our bags down by the wall then left us alone. I sat down on the king sized bed and cuddled with one of the pillows. 

"So soft..." I mumbled closing my eyes. 

"You're so weird." Rory teased. 

"Why do you think those other boys are here?" I asked. 

"Because they wouldn't accept no?" She giggled. 

"I don't trust that Harry fella..." I muttered. 

"Stay close to the others or me then." She pushed my hair away from my face. I felt my body slowly falling asleep and before I knew it I was passed out on that soft king sized bed.

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