Stories don't always have a happy ending.

Stories don't always leave you smiling or wanting that persons life.

Some stories teach you a lesson.

They teach you that true love is something that is always there. You just have to find it.

True love is somthing that is never forgotton no matter how hard you try.


1. Intro

17 year old Emily Young has had enough.  She has had enough of all the cuts, and bruises that her abusive father has left on her.  She has had enough of her not-so-great boyfriend who has cheated on her multiple times. And she has had enough of all her so called friends who have turned their backs on her.

So she is leaving.  She is leaving all that she has ever known.  She is leaving her deeply scarred past, to find a bigger, brighter future.

She had no intentions on finding love. But when she saw Harry she knew that he was something different, and he was someone that she knew was going to be part of her life.

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