Colette is in UK and is a college student. She's not all party hard she's more of a study hard person. She has to share a room with this kid named Louis. He's all party hard and tattoos. But you know how they say" opposites attract"? Well aparently they do... Continue reading the story for more!!!!!



I walked outside from my room and ran to the mail. I applied for this University in London like last year and today was supposed to be the day for all of us to get our acceptance letters. I pulled out 5 different envelopes and flipped through them. " Crap, crap, crap, crap..." I mumbled throwing the mail onto the floor. Then I was holding the last one. I quickly opened it and found my acceptance letter inside! I jumped up and down still in my pj's and yelled in joy. "I CANT BELIEVE I GOT IN! I GOT INTO UK UNIVERSITY! MOOOMMMMM!!!!!" I yelled. She came running outside to me tightening her robe and looked at me in confusion. "What's wrong? Did Bradley try to rape you again?" She asked. Then I looked at her in confusion then blushed. "No, what the fudge balls, mom -_-, I got accepted to Uk!" I told her."Really!?" She smiled wide. "This calls for a cookie!" I said. I dragged her inside and got out cookies, milk, and the Twilight movie series so we could stay in our pj's all day and celebrate like kids. ^.^

A/N): hey! This is my second book on here and your going to love it... I think… anyway tell me if I should continue writing this story or just quit. BYE!!!

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