7. Chapter 6:

Chapter 6:

"Um? Hello?" I asked curiously

"Is this Lauren Scott?"

"Yes? Why?"

"We have called you to inform you about your father, Dylan Scott."

"What about him?" I started to get worried. I could hear heavy breathing in the background.

"We have called..... To inform you that....." The nurse kept stopping to catch her breath. She didn't know how to tell me this at the time. I kept shaking and hoping it that it wasn't as bad as she was trying to tell me it was.

"We have called to inform you that.... Your father has been murdered. I'm sorry to say this but he was stabbed to death."

I stopped breathing. My world went blank. Everything went black. I was suffocating inside my own mind with my own thoughts. It's as if I have already left earth and I was half way to heaven. The sound of my bus honking kept me from leaving. I didn't bother to go to school. I just stepped outside, walked to my bus driver, all messy and tearful, and said, "I will not be riding today." I turned around and walked back inside. My best happened to see me and ran out of that bus and up to my door and walked inside. The bus driver ignored us two and left. He carried on with his day.

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