Same old shit

Cutting , love , bitches , rachets , Latinos , gangs , fuck it the story of my life ��


1. Don't trip ✋

The names Elena Rincon hate on it hoes . My down bitches lizbeth Maria M. Fatima Mireya Maria G. Julie fuck with them I'll kill you ! My partner in crime kacy 👌 my other half jazzy 💘 don't be tripping 😂

My life has mostly been about surviving parents abuse me use me for a babysitter and maid only cuz I'm the first girl and older fuck that puras chingaderas is what I say if you can't understand that take Spanish classes cuz most of the shit I put in here will be in Spanish . My family is fucked up my dad gets drunk fucking hits me and so does my mom and uses the money from my savings to paint her self and let me do all the fuckin work at home and her taking credit it . And my sisters I take care of them until my dad comes home around 6:00 then I get to do my homework I'm not all that GG and shit I'm a rebel bitches so calm down don't be thinking its gona relate to you unless you cut yourself do the work I do go throu the shit I'm going through then message me on kik _worthless_bitch_ and tell me who the fuck you are cuz I ain't talking to no fucking stranger ight ✋ ight . I got a love life too I've gotten my heart broken once with this kid named Gerardo Hernandez in sixth grade If you know him bitch slap him k he went out with me for 7 months and he basically cheated on me the whole time 1st he asked out two 5th graders one of them was his sisters friend ha Dumbass right also he kissed this girl named Ana in front of my face I cried serioo who wouldn't gave him another chance well because he was my first love or so I thought and he Fucking asked her out and that's when I realized that I don't need to be going through shit like that got him back with revenge I bitch slapped him and he's all like give me another chance I'm like bitch go fuck ur self I don't wana put up with your shit anymore so I left him there I moved on started dating my friend Adam he's white blondish hair don't trip he's chill so don't be like eww you dated a white boy so we all have different taste in men shut up you probably dated a guy worse than Adam continuing the story we broke up a week later he dumped me I didn't really care he was cute and all but I moved on I didn't date another guy till this year i dated Adam again I got dumped like always later on like 1 month later went out with this kid named atlahi I used to rise the bus back then we were good but then I realized he was ugly and broke up with him I took sometime off of dating focused on my grades got better but then this low-life buss driver called home saying "su hija esta avlando con muchos niños en el bas por favor dile que se de su lugar como muchacha y no se en loque mucho con Los chiquillos y bailando por Ellos en el tubo " tbh I did hang out with guy I'm a rebel tomboy idgaf I hang out mostly with Jessie Adam Carlos jazzy Fatima but I don't fucking strip for guys i ain't a fucking stripper but of course my parents didn't care what I said I got my ass kicked and slapped for that and don't go to the bus no more cuz of that there you go . I'm sorry if my shit is boring you just leave if you want let other people who actually like my story stay ohh and I almost forgot I went out with Guillermo morales he's my friend from 4th period he's chill but he talks shit about you if you get off the wrong way he still likes me ._. Serioo my friends all like mad game ima hang out with you more I'm like i don't even know how guys like me I'm ugly .no guys think otherwise . Right know I'm going out with Francisco Salgado he's cheating on me with another hoe he don't know this shit I hacked his kik and changed it to Gaylord and his password he has to make a new one ,so I don't care he's at E.O. Green and I'm in Frank they moved him a week ago cuz he's a trouble maker I like trouble makers like me it's like my perfect match I like getting hurt sometimes I like the pain I've been living with the pain since I was lil kid I've learned to live with that shit and it ain't gona change if anyone does shit about it.

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