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My thoughts running wild. General musings about life.


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It starts with an attraction, leads on to a kiss, and finishes with a happily ever after. That should be love in a nutshell. When we were children, it was that simple... and then comes age, and the realisation that we've been disillusioned all along. There's no such thing as a happy ever after, no such thing as never-ending happiness and contentment. Maybe we don't even want a happily ever after, maybe married couples long for arguments which will set their blood racing, or wish they still had the emotional imbalance they had as teenagers.

I dread growing up, dread becoming so used to life that nothing would surprise me anymore. At least as a teenager, with the mood swings and heart breaks, we're still discovering life, as if we were visiting a new and exciting country. Except that the country is more like an ocean, and is inside our own heads, inside our minds filled with constantly flowing thoughts, indignations, attractions, feelings, worries...

Yet, while desperately attempting to navigate all this, we feel alive. We feel loneliness sting our eyes, worry twist our stomach, fear block our throats, embarrassment flush our cheeks, amusement pull up our lips, surprise take away our breath...

In this confusing ocean which is our life, we have almost no control over what will happen next. But despite this, isn't it best to go with it, and make the best of every single moment? Let us ride the waves, let imagination and laughter carry us away, before the ocean becomes too calm.

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