Red Earth

No one knew what the future would be like, but after being in a coma for six months Maddie wakes up to be in the middle of a war. World war lll to be exact. But with her new red eyes she is the chosen one, but sometimes that's not the best thing.


1. Maddie

"BOOM BOOM BOOM!!" The sound was deafing my ears rang, my body ached and made me feel suffocated, "BOOM!!!" With a jerk I was up in an instant my heart pounding in my chest, but it stopped when my eyes looked into deep blue circles. 

"Ahhhhh!!" I screamed falling off of whatever I had sat on. 

"Shh shh shh it's okay you're safe we're not going to hurt you." I quickly looked up at this person and saw it was a girl strawberry blonde hair, smudges of dirt on her face, and some kind of army uniform dyed black, grey, and white. 

"Where am I?" 

"You're safe I'm Sabrine you're in the infirmary." She slowly sat on the floor with me. 

"Why did I get hurt when the earthquake hit? Me and Deena where near the windows in the music room." I stammered. 

"Okay can you tell me your name?" 

"Maddie short for Madeline Jacobs I'm seventeen." She nodded and looked at a guy across the room with big goggles and a knife at his side. 

"Do you mind telling me the date, year, and the last thing you remember?" The boy asked. 

"Um it's September 18th 2012, and I remember being in Mr. Croce's room and he was telling the class how to play the keys on the keyboards. Then there was rumbling and the windows burst open, he screamed earthquake everyone got under their desks then something hit my head then black." My words just knew how to come out the way they should. 

"Maddie I'm sorry to tell you but that wasn't an earthquake, earth was attacked" I gasped but he kept going "you're been in a coma for six months. It's March 16th 2014 and you're not in school, we've brought you here in our underground infirmary to keep you safe. I know this is hard to take in but World War lll has started." 

"Who's we!?!?! World War lll!!!!!!!" 

"We're The Resistance we are every living human being fighting for our freedom and our world back. There are thousands of us all around the world." 

"But there are millions of people in the world and this can't be happening." Tears were filling my eyes as they spoke. 

"I'm sad to say it's already happened, and the intruders wiped out at least two thirds of our race. The only survivors are people ranging from 8 to 21, the aisle were the first to go you know to try and save us younger kids. Sad to say most died in the first few months, now it's just us." What she was saying was heart stopping like this was some bad dream or Mel Gibson movie, then something hit me. 

"My parents and my sister and brother what about them? Joey my brother, my little sister please Charlotte is only six. What about my family!!!!!!" I gripped her shirt and she sighed. 

"Covent is checking the system for them now but there is no guaranty." She sounded sympathetic but I didn't care, I pushed her away from me. They looked at each other and whispered something I couldn't hear. 

"Maddie my name is Covent, I handle the infirmary and I know you're having a hard time swallowing this but we need you to cooperate with us." He pulled off the goggles and I saw the big scar across his eye and gasped. 

"Maddie please we're here to help you but there are other people just like you your age, dying, fighting for their lives, they need our help and yours." 

"What could I possibly do?" 

"Let us see your eyes." That shocked me but then I looked at my long hair and the bangs covering my face. They were above my eyebrows last time I checked, that was six months ago. I slowly moves my bangs from my face and they both jumped back, I dropped them back and pulled my knees to my chest scared. 

"Sabrine it's her." Covent rummaged through a drawer and pulled out a mirror handing it to me, "look." Slowly my hand gripped the tiny mirror pulling it to my face, once I pushed my bangs out the way the world froze when I saw my eyes. The deep chocolate color was gone now all that was there was red, bright red eyes. 

"What's wrong with my eyes!?!?" I screamed but they smiled. 

"Our savior, there is a legend of a chosen one with deep red eyes the same color as their rich pure blood. The savior she's finally come, we need to take her to Leada."I blinked and felt the walls around me shake, Sabrine reached for my hand but I hesitated. 

"It's okay you don't have to be afraid." With that she helped me off the ground and we began to walk through underground mazes when I heard a click. I turned and saw a big alien like bug and it growled, I screamed then it burst. I looked up to see Sabrine with a giant weird looking gun and smoke coming out of it. She pressed a button and it shrunk and she stuffed it into her pocket, "See we're the good guys." 

We continued to walk until we came to a flight of stairs, "This is where I say goodbye I cannot follow you I have to stay to help the injured." Covent frowned like he wanted to come but Sabrine just nodded and pulled me along. We got to the top of the stairs when she turned to me, terror in her eyes. 

"Now I have to say what you're about to see will shock, devastate, and utterly kill you in side but no matter what stay by me and don't stop." I nodded my head and she pressed a button on her watch, "I need a 63 on the passage from the infirmary to the Leada's quarters stat." 

"All passages clear the enemy is all around the the brown." A rough voice came back. 

"Roger immediately warn me if any ships get close to route three." She said and unlatched the door, smoke instantly clouded my sight and lungs but Sabrine was on a mission and she wasn't going on without me. She gripped my arm and led me down a alley when I saw them, all these kids with guns and grenades all in army uniforms like Sabrine. There was a kid who looked eight shooting a giant misshapen gun, I winced as he shot it nine times but couldn't see him after we rounded another corner. We came to abandoned building and Sabrine shoved me through the door slamming it behind her. Wincing I backed up and nudged something, I slowly turned to see a nine foot tall monster with horns, purple skin, huge black eyes and an ant's mouth thing. It's mouth opened and it shrieked, I screamed and fell backwards and a red light flashed. Sabrine reached for her gun but the thing grabbed her and threw her against the wall, her body crumpled against the floor just as my body start to feel fuzzy. My vision clouded, red filled my eyes and I pulled myself off the floor and started shaking.  

I felt myself drifting away from my body and watched from a distance as my body charged at the monster. The beast dropped to the ground and my hand broke through its back ripping something out. My heart stopped when I saw the organ in my hand and the blood covering my arms and dress. I shook my head and ended up back in my body shaking with fear, I rushed over to Sabrine and pulled her up. 

"What what happened!?" She seemed startled but looked at me, "What happened to you?" 

"I-I-I don't know I don't know.." My voice traced off and she pulled me in to her arms. We stood up and walked over the beast and continued on our path. 

We walked for a long time but when we did stop it was in front of a big steel door, Sabrine pressed a button on her watch and a loud noise rang my ears as it opened. I couldn't believe what I saw, hundreds of kids running around, fighting, and shooting guns. The all looked so scary and vicious, to think just months ago all of them were just normal every day teens. I cowardly his against Sabine as everyone stopped and looked at me, we kept going and climbed up stairs to what looked like a city hall. We reached the top and my eyes saw her for the first time, "Deena!!!!" 

She looked at me and smiled running at me, she squeezed my side's and I held tight to her, "I thought I'd lost Maddie you've had me worried." 

"Leada I've brought her here for the importance of our race." Sabrine spoke up and I pulled away from Deena. 

She looked at me and moved my bangs from my face and gasped, "Deena what's wrong with me?" 

"Nothing Maddie you've been blessed and given us hope, this is a glorious of days." Tears filled her eyes and I just knew there was something she wasn't telling me. 

"Leada the enemy is coming back in numbers we can't keep going on like this." A frail boy said and Deena nodded. 

"You're this mysterious Leada?" 

"Yeah I know but my grandmother was our high elder and passed that honor down to me, come on we have to start the rital we have our savior." Every kid around smiled and ran around happily, Deena led me to a marble stone room and sat me down, "I never thought I'd ever hear your voice again you've been in that coma far too long." 

Tears filled her voice and I closed my eyes, I felt something against my head and knew she was brushing my hair the same thing she did when one of us was upset. I opened my eyes and smiled at her. 

"Let's go." We walked out into the open above ground there was dust, blood, and bodies everywhere I gagged but Deena never stopped. We reached a crowd of kids looking up at the sky where hundreds of ships stay frozen. Slowly we climbed stairs where a stone bed lay, "Go on lay down." 

I did as she said and she frowned, "What's going to happen?" 

"Nothing to worry about Maddie," she looked around at the crowd and sky "my fellow people I Leada am here to say our days of hurt and pain, our yearn for a better day will finally be here." Her voice was powerful, she pulled out a blade and I froze. 

"You beasts will never have power over us again this planet is ours and it will stay that way, our savior is here to save us. She has the pure blood that will restore our earth once again, this is the end of our suffering!!" She looked down at me and smiled, "Maddie you'll always be my best friend but I need to think about our race." The look in her eyes scared me, but she flung her blade down into my stomach and I screamed. 


Maddie's cries filled the air, Sabrine screamed she because she knew she had helped Deena do this, and Deena's laugh was low but everyone heard it. Maddie's blood seeped through the hole in the stone bed into the ground, the Earth shook and all around the world kids screamed for their lives. Instantly a bright red light burst from the Earth and burned the invading creatures away with ease. The light circled the Earth like it's atmosphere, as it circled the sound of Maddie's voice waned and was gone. The crowd went silent not a sound each girl's eyes filled with tears even the toughest guys eyes were over flowing. Deena dropped her blade and smiled. 

"Our fight is over!!!" Her voice filled the air for miles but no one said a thing, "What's wrong we're free!?" 

No one said a thing but every hand raised and pointed a finger, Deena slowly turned and almost gasped at what she saw. Maddie stood there one of her eyes red the other eye blue, her skin was pale, and her smile terrifying it made every child in the stone chamber shiver.

"Best friends forever right?" Her voice made everyone drop to the floor in fear, "But we didn't shed enough blood yet." 

Her smile deepened making Deena swallow the bulge in her throat, Maddie drew the blade from her back and shoved it into Deena's stomach making her shriek. Hey limp body almost empty of life fell backwards and tumbled down the stairs in front of the crowd, they all screamed and looked at Maddie. She smiled and her eyes went fully blue, her smile changed back to a normal one, and she looked around curiously before dropping to the ground.

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