John is blind. It has always been that way. He is plain.. and I guess you could say, Simple. He was never anyone special and he never will be. That is until a new girl arrives at the village. She had Fire orange hair and gleaming green eyes. John cannot see that. But he can see that this girl is special.
She is different.
They call her Flame.


2. Baby John

The small girl ran into the large room.

"It's a boy!" She cried. "Mama, It's a boy!"

The women who were chatting by the fire gave each other excited looks and proceeded through the door of which the girl had just emerged from.

The woman was smiling down at her child, who was cradled in her arms. One of the ladies beside her who happened to be her sister gasped in horror.

"Wha-What's wrong with it?" She cried. The little girl angrily glared at her.

"There's nothing wrong with it Mama! It's blind! Don't be so mean!"

The woman blushed and fell quiet.

"What have you called it Caroline?" Asked the small girl, her eyes gleaming.

"I've called him John." Caroline smiled.

"What a lovely name!" Squealed the girl. "Can I hold my baby cousin?" 

Caroline nodded. "Be careful though Rose." She carefully handed the girl her child.

There were screams from down the road.

Roses mother ran to the window and gasped. "Everyone out!" She cried.

Rose still holding the child looked through the window and saw orange flames engulfing the house three along from them. Being a smart ten year old, Rose understood that it would spread fast across thatched roofs. 

The sky was black with smoke and the room was full of people trying to get out. Roses mother was helping Caroline up when a piece of wood fell from the roof blocking their way out.

"The house is burning!" Yelled Roses mother. The room went dark as Rose moved her hands along the wall, trying to find an exit. The baby wriggled in her arms. "Ssh!" She rocked it in her arms. "Hush now, We'll be out soon."

She found a crack in the wall. Behind her she could feel the heat of the fire, gaining on her ever so fast.

She wrapped the baby in her apron, Still holding it and kicked the wall with all her might. It shuddered. She could make a hole to climb through.

She kicked again. She yelled as her toe bent backwards. Picking up a burnt bedpost she whacked the wall.

A tiny hole appeared. That would have to do. Time was running out. Holding the post and the baby she pushed her way through.

Once outside, the sight brought tears to her eyes. The whole village was burning. "Ma? Caroline?" She yelled. Screams and shouts muffled her voice. Blinking back tears she started to run into the forest as fast as she could.

She needed to get away, Anywhere, as long as John was safe. 

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