Lost Prophets

She's been ripped away from them. Horribly and brutally murdered, leaving her loved friends baffled and wondering why, and who could do this. Nobody could've imagined something like this happening to her in a million years. Not ever, at all. But yet, here they are...without a body to bury, a soul to repent, and answers to questions.


2. Chapter two

His body thrashed around in the tight embrace of the straightjacket as he fought it wildly screaming at the top of his lungs while he rolled over back and forth on the white sheets of the white bed in the middle of the empty white room, save the nightstand and the bed, of course.

Nothing would work, he knew it. Nothing. He knew even as he fought as hard as he could to get free, deep down, they were coming back for him, and he was going to need every bit of sanity he had left in order to escape.

He had no idea how many other 'patients' there were. How many others roamed the mental hospital that had been shut down and abandoned twenty-three years ago and was now used as a storage unit for those who the 'One in Charge' owned. And he was one of them.

Suddenly, the gut-wrenching breath-catching smell of cigarette smoke singed into his nostrils, filling them quickly, followed by the bright burn of orange light that was the tip of the burning cigarette in the 'One in Charge' mouth, providing little light in the small, locked moonlit room. Blood stopped his futile, inane attempts to break free and stared instead in five minutes of silence as the cigarette burned brightly with each intake, and dimmed with each puff.

Finally the 'One in Charge' spoke, breaking the demeaning silence. "You're an interesting child, you know that, Dupre? A very interesting child. And you're only 16. Which means I only have to wait two more years before I can sell your body without getting in trouble, " he chuckled lightly at the last part, for he had been walking towards the squirming teen and at the finish of his sentence had successfully reached him, slowly cupping his cheek to look into the crystal-blue eyes, Hatter's signature look. Blood growled spitting in the 'One in Charge' eye, causing the latter to back up growling and muttering under his breath. All Blood caught was 'kill your sister' and 'keep as a toy', but that was all he needed to hear. Blood looked up at the nearly perfectly identical to him man that was now climbing on the bed and overpowering him before he finally worked up enough courage to say, "I'll do what you want. Don't hurt my sister. I'll do anything you want, I don't care. Please, just don't hurt my sister." The 'One in Charge' smirked, "good boy. Such a good boy, I'm going to disregard your misbehavior earlier."

Blood couldn't help the overflowing of tears. He had kept himself from getting his precious elder sister killed...and it cost him his self-image. His respect. His dignity. His virginity. He didn't care. His sister was going to be safe...or so he had thought.

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