Lost Prophets

She's been ripped away from them. Horribly and brutally murdered, leaving her loved friends baffled and wondering why, and who could do this. Nobody could've imagined something like this happening to her in a million years. Not ever, at all. But yet, here they are...without a body to bury, a soul to repent, and answers to questions.


4. Chapter four

"I hate rain..." The partner whined in hopes to finally get his friend's attention away from staring out the window. "Julius?" He didn't move. "Julius!" Kept his gaze out the window at the rain that was constantly pouring down. It had been raining nonstop for five time periods, since she had been killed...

"Jul, are you even listening to me? I said it's not your fault."

"She was under my watch, Ace..."

"She wasn't even in the clock tower, Jul, she-"

"She was right outside the door..."

"Julius!!" Ace had grabbed his arm and proceeded to harshly yank his friend away from the window so as to look at him as he growled, "quit blaming yourself. It wasn't your fault. It was the mafia boss'. He was the one she chose, she fell for...and I'm damned glad he's the one suffering the most from this."

Julius kept quiet. He had nothing else to say. Part of him knew his partner was right, but the part deep in his subconscious knew this was his fault.

'My fault...she's dead because of me...'

Ace proceeded to slap his friend out of his thoughts, and HARD. Julius held his cheek in pain but didn't chew Ace out and kick his ass out of the clock tower, literally, like he normally would. Instead he continued to sulk, the world and his partner's words fading from around him as the ground slowly grew closer, and he fell passing out with a soft sigh.

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