The lost hero

A lost superhero who doesn't know his real identity has to battle his way threw an alien Astroid coming to eath


1. the emergency

Suddenly loud sirens echoed around the command room, Tom knew what it was but he didn't like it. The siren was because a large asteroid was approaching earth

"O' no this can't be happening not today not ever!" Screamed Sargent Calhoun

Sargent Calhoun was Tom's boss he didn't know how he worked with her but he did.

" call in the big guns they'll know what to do," demanded the Sargent as she pressed the big red button. This was the biggest national emergency in the world's history. At that moment the head of Area 52 ,who likes to be called agent Beno , came into the room and slammed the door he was in the biggest mood ,he shouted at Tom for sounding the alarm.

"But sir I sounded the alarm because a large asteroid is heading to Earth and if it comes in to our atmosphere it will give of an enormous explosion and destroy the Earth!" Explained Tom

"And that's bad right?" Asked Beno

"Of Course it's a major catastrophe we need to tell the president of the United States of America but we can't blast it because it is to close and it would go into lots of small pieces and destroy 3 countries like England ,Germany and us" explained Tom

As Tom had said that Sargent Calhoun called the president he said that only the superheroes could help us now.

"But who all the heroes are off duty today,"explained the Sargent

"Yes I know but is time for Tom to know his real destiny," whispered the president.

"But sir."

Sargent Calhoun told Sam he had to get into a machine that measured his blood sugar. As she pressed the button, Sargent Calhoun felt sorry for Sam because he never knew who he was.

"How do you feel?" Asked the Sargent.

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