Spooky Happening's At Severalls Asylum

This Is a little story i made up its about me and my friend harrys youtube channels its a horror story at an old abandond mentall asylem in my town called Severalls :D nhope you enjoy aslo its on quotev ;) http://www.quotev.com/story/4395025/Spooky-Happenings-at-Severalls/


4. Chapter 3

Every one jumped as the doll started chanting " come play with me, come play with me" over and over "quick guys lets go" harry said a little bit frightened " come play with me  NOW!!!!!" a dark voice said coming from the doll they all looked at each other before running as fast as they could down the labyrinth of  hallways and end up in a big room full of old rotten wooden tables and chairs laying in puddles of water almost like small ponds on the cold, hard, dull concrete floors.

The group stood in this room in silence for about 2 minutes before Catherine spoke up " how about we film the truth or dare video in here""sure" said matthew, so the group started filming  and it was about 2 and half hours later when they finished filming for both channels, they all packed up and was about to leave when the big, heavy metal door slammed shut but there was no wind. Everyone in that room jumped at the sound of the door slamming shut at that point they had all been freaked out enough and quickly grabbed there stuff and ran jumping out the old broken window.

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