Spooky Happening's At Severalls Asylum

This Is a little story i made up its about me and my friend harrys youtube channels its a horror story at an old abandond mentall asylem in my town called Severalls :D nhope you enjoy aslo its on quotev ;) http://www.quotev.com/story/4395025/Spooky-Happenings-at-Severalls/


3. Chapter 2

The two girls walked cautiously towards the door when the two girls reached the cell door all they saw was an old, ratty doll sitting in the room. It was silent for a minute or two but the silent was broken when the doll started repeatedly saying" come play with me, come play with me " the two girls screamed bloody murder when they felt two cold and wet water balloons hit them. Both girls turned around to see two smirking boys "Gahhh you idiots" Catherine exclaimed  "hey come see this" said ajeena, they all turned back to the room only to see that the doll had gone "see what" said harry "there was a doll saying come play with me in there" explained ajeena, the boys shook there heads and walked off the two girls followed having a feeling someone was watching them.

They carried on walking through the damp, dark hallways when all of them heard the same childish giggle from behind them " there that doll we where talking about see where not mad" said catherine, the boys said at the old tatty doll sitting in the middle of the corridor.

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