Spooky Happening's At Severalls Asylum

This Is a little story i made up its about me and my friend harrys youtube channels its a horror story at an old abandond mentall asylem in my town called Severalls :D nhope you enjoy aslo its on quotev ;) http://www.quotev.com/story/4395025/Spooky-Happenings-at-Severalls/


2. Chapter 1

Harry,Matthew,Ajeena and Catherine started setting up there camera's so they could film. Catherine was first to speak towards her camera "Sup Youtube Socially Awkward here and today i'm here at severalls asylum with some special guests, i have Harry and Matthew from RevolutionaryTv and also i have my sexy camera woman ajeena And today we will be taking over severalls and playing pranks on each other so i hope you enjoy" the camera stop and catherine turned to harry to see him start filming his video.

After Catherine and Ajeena introduced themselves in harry and matthews video they all headed down some halls, Harry and Matthew filming as they go down one corridor and Catherine and Ajeena filming as they go down another corridor. Catherine and Ajeena walked around the Damp, Abandoned halls When out of no where they heard a childish giggle " Matthew, Harry is that you" Ajeena called out, As the two girls turned around expecting to see the boys but all it they saw was an old creeky door open. The two girls walked cautiously towards the door.

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