little angel

Being a single morher at the age of 20 is hard but defenatly worth it when you wake up from the cute voice of your little angel. But what happens when your angel runs into your heartbreaker. Find out in my little angel.

(P.S. I' m sorry for my bad wrighting I' m from Switzerland.)


2. chapter 2


He stared at me for a long time..."jess is that you?" oh no im so screwd. why now? "hey zayn long time not seen." shit why did i say that. He smiled really big picked me up and spun me around "eh zayn...could you know...let me go?" all the boys stared at us with currios eyes. " how do you two know each other?" asked louise. yeah i know there names. "well thats a long story so..." please leave it be.please.

but no because boys dont know when to shut up they dont stop. "well we have time, we actually have one week of tour so lets get something to eat and you guys can tell us the story theres a Mc Donalds just down the road". "fine we or should i say I will tell you the story but we will go home I dont want my son eating fastfood at the age of three, so just follow me to my apartment. im driving a black porsche so just follow the car." we all got out of the mall and met went to our separate ways. when i saw there car pull up next to mine i got jason in his carseat and got on the car myself. i started the car engine and pulled out of the parking lot. 


after 10 minuts of driving we all arrived at the apartment. i got jason out pf the car and walked with him up to the entrance of the apartmentbuilding where we met the boys. we walked to the elevator and drove up to the apartment we got out and i opend the door. jason runs straight to the livingroom, I turn around and look at the faces of the boys in aww. "wow this is amazayn . how donyou afford this?" asked liam. haha what do they think? "well remember im a fashiondesigner and my last collection i finished two months ago already got me one or two million pounds so I already bought this apartment and started to design each room new and the only rooms left are my bedromm , my offive room and my walk in closet." they all looked at me with open mouths. "what you got two million pounds because of one fashioncolection, and we have to work a half year to afford that much of money...." harry starta but gets cut of by liam" haz we all know that we get two millions in less than two months so dont lie to her." "what ever it doesnt matter we work so hard for it and she only designes cloths so.. thats not faire!" what does he say i dont work hard for my money. " sorry harry but WHAT i work every single day of the week for over 14 hours so dont tell me i dont work hard and to yor information i do also have a son i have to take care of, so i think i work as hard as you guys." "Im sorry that i didnt fuck some stupid boy and got pregnant of it i mean you could have gotten an aboration, but wow you got your son and you have to tell him that he was a mistake omg what a poor little boy he cant do anythig for the fact that his mom fucked around..." my mouth hung wide open what did he just say. i could feel tears forming in my eyes but i couldnt care less what he did is so unaxeptable. " Jason wasnt or isnt a mistake he is the best thing that could have happend to me and to your information i wasnt sleeping around so if you dont mind im going to look for my son. Im pretty sure you guys know where the fuckimg door is" with tears streaming down my face i went into the livingroom where i saw my son watchin TV really loud so he coudnt hear us fight. when he saw my he got really worried " mummy whats wrong did i do something wrong? what happend? where are the boys?" i hugged him and said " Baby you did absolutly nothin NOTHING wrong okay.  Its just not mummys best day. Lets sit down and watch cars okay baby?" he nodded and we sat down. shortly after we sat down Zayn walked into the room and sat down next to me. " jess im sorry for what harry said, i know you arent the person to jump from boy to boy, but i have a question, you know jason lookes a lot like my and from his age he could defently by mine so is he my son? " he wisper into my ear , i stode up toke his hand ang went with him into the kitchen . " Zayn im sorry i never told you but after you broke up with me i taugh it would be the best and i think i did a pretty good job but yes he is yours and I know he needs a dad" he looked me in the eyes and hugged me thight with tears in his eyes and said " oh my god thats the best thing that happend to me. I have a son. a little boy running around looking exactly like me and you ofcourse " i chuckeld along with him and a smile apeard on both his and my face. what now?




what do you guys think will happen next? what about harrys outburst? love you guys<3

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