little angel

Being a single morher at the age of 20 is hard but defenatly worth it when you wake up from the cute voice of your little angel. But what happens when your angel runs into your heartbreaker. Find out in my little angel.

(P.S. I' m sorry for my bad wrighting I' m from Switzerland.)


1. chapter 1

"Mummy!" whimperd a small voice from my bedroom door.

"sweety, whats wrong?" I asked my 3 year old son. I know what you think. How old are you? well im 20. jep i was your typical teenmom, but i gotta say, for being 20 my son Jason and I have a pretty good live. To answer your next question, No the father of Jason doesn't know about him. Why? because I think its the best for Jason and him, well I dont want to see my son on the cover of every magazine just because of his father and his band. Im sure you know him Jasons father is Zayn yep Zayn from One Direction. We've met at starbucks, well we ran into eachother and lets just say my shirt was coverd in coffee after that we were together for 6 months. I went to visit america with my family and when I came back I saw a note. To cut it short it said ' hey Jess im sorry i left for the x factor and I think its best if we break up. So im going to break up with you. Bye zayn'. So a month after that note infound out i was pregnant and he got so wide with the boys from One Direction. So i though  it would be better to not tell him about Jason and here we are. 

"Mummy there are monsters under my bed." i knew it was a bad idea to watch Monster inc. with him. I looked at my phone on the bedside table '8:00 am.' it read. " Hunny come cuddle with mummy its so early. we can sleep for a little bit and then go tonthe mall, because mummy doesn't have to work today." "Okay mummy." he climbed into my bed and i cuddled him into my arms. 


i open my eyes and look to my right, there he laid my cute little Angel. " jason hunny wake up."

he opend his eyes slowly and smiled at me and kissed my cheek. " what do you want for breakfast." " can i have  bacon and eggs mummy." i told him okay and we got up and walked downstairs. yep i had a two store apartment in the ritch part of London. I moved here shortly after i found out i was pregnant and got a job as a fashion designer thats how i got so much money. When we got downstairs i walked with jason into the livingroom area near the opend kitchen and turnd on the tv it was on spongebob so i left jason there watching spongbob. A few minuts later i finished cooking breakfast and told Jason that it was time to eat. when we finished jason toke a bath and i got showerd and dressed in some light washed jeans a white v-neck and a black selfmade leatherjacket from my new colection and went to Jason to get him dressed. I walked into his room, it was specialy designed for him and really cool, it had a cool comic look and on the walls where words written like "pow" and "chaching" just some superhero words. Anyway ingot him dressed in some skinny grey jeans a white v-neck and a leatherjacked i made specialy for him as a christmaspresant it had the words 'litte bad boi' on it. he looked so cute. We got to the door and put on our matching sneakers they were black, red, and white. we walked to the elevator and went down. Got in the car and drove to the shoppingcenter.



















after 10 minuts we got there. i parked my car and got jason out. we walked into the mall. first we went to the shoestoreband bough each 3 to 5 paire, I carried all the bags in one hand and toke Jasons in my other. when we got out of the store we heard girls screaming and saw a huge crowed. " Mummy can we look whats there?" Jason asked pointing to the crowed "shure sweety" we got to the crowed and  i froze when i heard girls screaming things like 'Zayn will you marry me' or 'Harry here' i turned around to tell Jason that we should go but saw that he wasn't

here anymore. i started to panic and looked around. After fife minuts i saw his jacket. i ran to him and engulfed him in a hug."Mummy im so sorry i ran away. please dont be mad at me." he said with tears running down his cheeks. I whipped them away and told him i wasnt mad, but the

next thing shoked me. "hey little boy is this your mom you were looking for." shit please dont remember me. the voice belonged to my ex-boyfriend Zayn. "Yes, thats my beautiful mummy. " " well its nice to meet you. Im Zayn but you probably know that" I stode up with Jason in my arms and looked up into his eyes."hi im Jessica but people call me jess and thanks for taking care of my son" " no problem jess. Wait do i know you from somewhere?" he asked. Shit. think of a lie Jessica come on think of a lie. Yep thats it. " Mabe you have seen my on some magasins im a fashiondesigner." he looked at me couriosly and saied " no i think i know you from somewhere els but i dont know from where." " Hey mate whos that beautiful girl and her cute little brother?" asked his friend as he aproched us. "oh no hes not my brother thats my son Jason and im Jess." "well nice to meet you Jess im Liam, if you dont mind me asking how old are you because you look pretty young for a mother," i chuckeld as he looked at me shyly " i dont mind you asking, im 20 and i think if i can say so myself that im a pretty good mother for my age." i told him with a smile. " yes mummy your the best mom i could wish for. Can i ask you something?" he asked looking at Zayn, who nodded at him. " why do you look like the boy in the picture on mummys Bedsidetable?" I blushed and looked at Jason and kissed him on the cheek. the Boys chuckeld and asked if im a fan. " well your music is pretty good and all and you look quite handsome but i woudnt call myself a directionair so my answer would be no." i told them honest. i heard the beat of animal from conor maynard and set jason on the ground to get a hold of my phone in my handbag 'boss' it said as i finally toke it out, i told the boys that i had to take it and answerd the phone. " hello" " yea cant.....ask molly my assistent.....yea okay next time thanks....bye Natalie." i told the boys that it was my boss and that she asked my tomgo to the fashionweek in Mailand to night but i couldnt and they understand. we talked for a few more minuts and then 3 other boys came. the one with a stripped shirt said " Ey Zayn that boy looks like you just in a mini version." he talked really loud so Jason got scared and stayes behind my leg. the boys all agreed and Zayn stared at my face for a really long time.......     






hey girls so this is my first chapter hope you like my new Fanfiction. This is my second fanfiction so im sorry if you dont like it. pleas comentband like. Oh and sorry for any mistakes im from Switzerland but im trying my best to get better. thanks for reading my Story. i might update today or in two days. bye love you guys





















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