Children on the loose

Bunch of kids hating their lives to wondering to a mystery life.
On the biggest adventure in the world.


1. family altogether

There was this lonely house at the end of the street. All one family but it was a very large family. There was the mum the dad the grandad the grandma and all 18 kids. I know what your thinking ( wow that is a big family ) but in that country there were family's that had over 25 children. Anyway this family had 5 baby's so the house was always loud and busy. This was the turners house. The dad was always lazy had a lazy job; always stayed in bed at home and never helped his wife take care of all five babies. The grandad was very poorly so he couldn't really do much he just always stayed in his dirty, small, soft chair. The grandma on the other hand was always in her wooden rocking chair that stopped rocking after five seconds so it would really tire you out pushing the old wooden rocking chair with two old sickening feet. And she stayed in that chair and she actually had a daily based chart. From 7-12 she will calmly read her horrid short books. From 12-1 she would eat her healthy diet meal it take her 1 full long hour to eat her healthy diet meal she is a very slow eater. Then from 1-9 she would watch the news the boring old fashion tv news then she would go to sleep and wake up at 7 and then start all over again. Anyway enough of the grandma business the mum would take care of all 18 children no help go shopping take all 18 children with her and then do cooking and washing up. She has five babies 2 toddlers 8 kids and 3 teenagers. Now that is a lot of work.

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