black butler (one-shot request)

So this will be a series of one-shots so write your requests in the comment and I will get them published as soon as I can.


3. Undertaker x reader ( requested by Babyfox )

(Y/N)'s p.o.v 

I the cold air hit my in my face and I walked out of my fairly nice house I am lady (L/N) My uncle just passed away he was a simple man but sadly he was murdered they still haven't found out who…….. but me and my mother are going to see the funeral director to set things up for his funeral and then we are going to speak with the scotland yard about my uncles case. Right when we arrived at the funeral home my mother took one look and I can tell she was creeped out it didn't even bother me it was actually a kind of pleasant place to look at as odd as it is to say……but it is to me. We walked into the place we saw no one just coffins I walked up to a coffin as my curious-ness took over I placed my hand upon a coffin lid and started to lift it up once I got it open my mother screamed I just stared a dead body with grey almost white hair which was weird the man looked very young almost like he was 4 maybe 3 years older then me he had bangs covering his eyes and a scar on the left side of his eye and a top hat placed on his head my mother kept telling me to close it I just ignored her I wanted to see his face I put my hand and started to lift his bangs I heard a chuckle coming from the dead person! I lifted my hand away quickly and backed off the "Deadperson" rose from the coffin and he looked at me and said "You know dear curiosity killed the cat" I smirked and questioned his name "accept I'm not a feline Mr?" "Just call me Undertaker dear" I nodded my mother was just watching us chat until she said all of a sudden said  "Anyway we are here for my brothers funeral planning Mr.(Name)" Undertaker then said "Oh yes lets get to that". During the planning and while my mother was looking at the stuff undertaker had he looked at me and said "You know earlier I saw that when you thought I was a dead body you were not afraid to even touch me" I just replied "Well I'm not easily scared Undertaker since I was just a small child I wasn't even afraid of spiders" I ended the sentence with a giggle he chuckled he then said "maybe since you aren't afraid of anything you can be some help here "I thought for a small moment and replied "that can maybe be arranged" before we left I winked at him and walked out 


I'm thinking of doing a part 2

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