black butler (one-shot request)

So this will be a series of one-shots so write your requests in the comment and I will get them published as soon as I can.


2. Ceil x Maid! reader (requested by shadowblossem)

 (I'm not sure what age you are so I'm just going to not say his age and lets just say he is the exact same age is you so pick the age you please for both of you)


(your pov)

 I had just finished making the young masters bed even though I'm the same age as him Sebastian told that I had to call him young master I have only been here at the Phatomhive manor for two weeks when I first came here I did kind of think the young master was kind of cute but of course he would never fall for a simple maid. Right now the young master was having breakfast I don't understand the other servants here they don't even do a good job at what they are suppose to do Bardroy's job is to cook all he does is blow up the kitchen Mey-rin is supposed to do what I do but she does the best she can but she always ends up breaking cups or plates and finny he is my favorite he is such a good gardener but then there is Sebastian its like he does all of there jobs he's really nice but maybe a little to nice one would say why? were they here if Sebastian does all the jobs I just don't understand it. As I was thinking about all of that I didn't even notice Sebastian in the door way when he saw that I knew he was there he said "The young master would like to speak with you" "Oh um okay" I replied back a little nervous why would he like to see me? Have I done something wrong? We finally reached the the young masters study Sebastian opened and held the door for me as I walked in the young master was sitting there with the same unamused look he then said "Sebastian get out I would like to speak with her alone" Sebastian nodded and left Ceil then looked at me and smirked and said "I would like to ask you some questions" "u-uh okay" Ceil then said "why are you nervous" "I-I'm not sure young master" "please just call me Ceil" he said "How old are you" he said directly looking at you "(Y/A)" he then said "What would you do if I told you I hired you because I thought you were the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen" "I would be speechless" you replied with a red tint on your cheeks he got up out of his chair and stood right in front of took your hands lifting you to stand and said "What if that was true" "Ceil I'm your maid and you have a fiance ho-" he cut you off by smashing his lips to yours it took you a few moments to kiss back your hand went to his neck as his hands held your waist close as your lips were together he licked your bottom lip for access to your mouth you denied teasingly so one of his hands trailed up and he grabbed one of you breast which caused you to gasp he then pushed his wet muscle in to your mouth as your tongues fought against each other he held your waist but then there was a knock at the door we stopped Ceil said loudly "come in" Sebastian walked in and said "young lord lady Elezabeth is here to visit" Ceil then said "Tell her I will be down soon I still have some speaking to do with (Y/N)" "okay young lord" Sebastian went out Ceil then turned his direction towards me and said "I'm going to break of the engagement with Elezabeth" at this I was shocked "Ceil it will break her heart" I said "Look I was already going to break of the Engagement and Elezabeth will find some one else I'm not right for her" he replied "What Why were you going to break of the engagement?" "I will explain that later" he then gave me a quick kiss and said with a smirk "And we will finish what was going on earlier later tonight" when he left the room I giggled a bit and thought wow! that happen fast.

(I hope every one will like it I'm kinda a new writer)

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