Time to say goodbye

I'm Alexa Malik, Yes I am the younger sister to zayn Malik. I don't like keeing secrets but there is one I have to keep. I'm dating Niall Horan, his best mate.

what happens when zayn finds out? Will he let them be? or will he make them split?


1. Just all one big secret

Hi my name is Alexa Malik, I'm 18 years old and I live in Londan with my brother. My brothers name is zayn, yes zayn from one direction. He is very protective over me, the amount of timeshe has told me not to date any of the boys.... well that agreement went out the window as I am dating Niall. As in Niall Horan? I hear you ask. yes that niall. I have brown eyes with brown hair. Id say my eyes and hair are my best feature I love it. I'm Funny, bubbly (POP) don't even ask me why I said that I have no idea, and caring. I love reading, skateboarding, swimming and running, as you can see very sportive!!! My faviroute colours are aqua, red, blue, black and white my fav singers or boy bands are One  direction, coincidence? Union J, The vamps, Demi Lavato and Avirl Lavigne. I don't think there is anything else you really need to know.


I was sat reading a book on the sofa waiting for Zayn to get home from work, don't ask what book it was but it was a interesting one. I hear the door go and more than one laugh. I stay led on the sofa. All the boys walked in. "shift ya bum"  Zayn says. I just look at him like hes some kind of mad man. he moves my legs causing me to sit up. i sat there n sulked, i had niall keep giving me loving glances. i smile back every now and then, i just don't want zayn to catch us that would honestly be hell. World war 3 will most likely break out. So me and Niall are going to stay on the low until Zayn loosens up a bit.


I look at my book i couldn't concentrate, the amount of noise five men can cerate is unreal. I glare at them "hush" i say putting my fingers to my mouth, well that was a bad idea now they are making more noise, honestly you cant do anything around here. I get up to go and check my phone, that was on charge in the kitchen. i walk to it i had £ new texts:


hey come help me with this course work, just because you love me-Maddie


i love you baby (: xxxxxxxxxx-nialler


Right all the boys are coming round okay sorted- zayn


i chuckle at nialls, he is always sending me stuff like that i love it its so sweet. Even though he texts me at what 2 in the morning to tell me he loves me, yes i find it sweet but it makes me up. Urgh how can one thing be so sweet n gushy. All lovey dovey. i Smile at the fact i was with niall, the fact zayn didn't know, the fact its all just one big secret

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