Zombie apocolipse


2. the only not zombie

Amy felt a pain in her mind. A flash back, it was a flashback of everything that had happened in her life. Suddenly she dropped to the ground and her eyes went a dark red. Fangs started to hang from her mouth. She was a vampire. She dashed out of the front room and into the bedroom. There was a zombie at the door as soon as she opened it. Suddenly it made a quick dash for Amy but she soon grabs the zombies neck and sucks all of his blood. Amy's eyes had gone even more red than before. She then jumped out of her bedroom window expecting to fall onto her trampoline but she then instead turned into a bat and flew all the way to crash land in a tree. The fall had broke her wings and then for no scientific reason she turned back to her usual human form. The zombies smelt the human flesh and started to crowd round the tree

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