Zombie apocolipse


1. terrible truths

Scared, scared but excited. How was this possible. There was nothing going on today. But no there was some thing going on. Upstairs in the house there was a draft and groaning coming from the window. Let's not jump straight to the good bits and start from the first things first. The night before which was Friday 13th of August 1929 and Amy was off to bed. Amy tossed and turned but it was too hot to go to sleep. She ran to the window and opened it. The room was cooler now and the girl with silky black hair was now jumping back into bed. In the middle of the night Amy felt a pinch at the side of her neck. But she was too tired to care. In the morning she woke up to find the room was covered in ice and frost. She deeply inhaled the frosty morning air and blew it all out again with the steam coming from her mouth and a shiver down her spine. she, she ran down the stairs nearly falling and stared out of the triple glazed windows. Everyone has turned into zombies.

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