Zombie apocolipse


3. help I'm up a tree

As the zombies where crowding round a tree the branch broke witch lead me to falling out the tree. The zombies where pulling and poking me and I was about to black out but then a black figure ran and grabbed me. Everything went black. I woke to find myself in a chamber of darkness and I was chained to a wall. A women with a black mask came into the chamber and shouted "WHAT ARE YOU AND WHERE ARE YOU FROM" I answered with "I am Amy, I am from my house and I am a" ... Amy froze. She new she couldn't tell the woman she was a vampire. "I am a person"? She was confused if she was still a person or not as she was also a vampire but Amy also had a few mysteries about herself she did not know. The woman threw amy out and shouted "TAKE CARE". Amy was so hot that she found a bottle of water and tipped it on herself. Amy was on the beach whilst she did this. Magically Amy fell over, she looked down to find she had a mermaid tail

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