Ella is the new kid at school new in town. What happenes when she meets 1d??


2. Chapter 1

'Tonight will dance I'll be yours and you'll be mine' My alarm started "Honey wake up! You don't want to be late for your first day of school" my mum said "5 minutes!" I screamed " no pancakes" my mum said. As I heard that I ran to the toilet and got dresses for my 1st day of school after a while I took my blackberry and wait a min I really need an iPhone will who knows when I'll get it. I ran down ate my pancakes and drove off to school (ps my mum is driving)

As I arrived I went straight to the principles office "Hi I'm Ella Marin" I said "Ahh the new kid" the principle looked at me "here is your schedule" "thanks" I look at it and saw that I had math 1st I asked a teacher if she could show me where the class is but surprisingly she was the teacher "As everyone heard we have a new kid coming today" Mrs.Worley spoked up "Ella May you please stand up and introduce your self. I slowly stood up and looked around the class "Hi my name is Ella Marin I'm originally from Homles Chapel but I recciantly moved here I'm 18 turning 19 in a month" I finished speaking "Would you please sit down" Mrs Worley said I nodded and went to the back row and sat down "Hey Ella my name is Hanna, Hanna Hastings." Hanna said "Nice to meet you" I replied we spent a boring hour in math

Authors note: Okay I know that this chapter sucks but I promise it will get better and better as it goes please read and share lots of love xx

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