Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


30. Chapter Twenty two - Louis

I felt hopeless when the car drove up to Louis's house. I saw Johannah stand on the stairs and she was waiting for us. Louis snatched hold of Angel and pulled her out of the car. She began to cry, but Louis didn't care. Instead, he gave her over to Johannah. 
"It's a she!" he exclaimed, a little sulkily. "But they only had boyfriends clothes and they almost had me to believe that I had a son." 
Johannah looked at Angel and she frowned. 
"How lucky we saved them from destitution." 
I jumped out of the car and I saw how Johannah let her eyes slide over my body. 
"You're skinny." she murmured. "And you have ugly clothes on. You have to take a shower."


I lost strength. I did what everyone told me and I took a shower. I got on my old clothes as Johannah approved. She made ​​sure I looked like the old Emma, which I just hated. Then she smiled with satisfaction at me. 
"Now that you're home, everything will be okay." 
I said nothing, I didn't answer. I heard that Angel cried, but Johannah stopped me from going to her. 
"We have hired a nanny for her. You'll only be here for Louis sake and the next time you get pregnant, I hope it becomes a son."
I looked straight into Johannahs eyes. 
"I hope I get daughters. Plenty of daughters who will be loved because they are mine."


In the evening drew Louis me into the bedroom. I let him rip my clothes off and I didn't resist when I landed in bed. Louis was strong and as soon as he was naked, he lay on top of me.
"We're going to fuck until we get a son." he murmured, smiling cold towards me. "You will give birth to a son, who will take over after me."
He parted my legs and I saw his eyes slid over my body.
"As sexy as ever." he murmured with satisfaction and let his lips brush against my nipples. I felt nothing. I neither groaned or showed any before him. Louis didn't care and he let a hand slide down between my legs. I felt how he began to caress me over my sensitive area. Okay, I got butterflies in my body and I was angry at myself. I didn't want to react and I didn't want to enjoy. Louis disgusted me, yet he got me to move lightly on my hips up against his hand.
"You're just as horny as before?" murmured Louis contented and kissed my neck. He let his lips slide over my skin and up against my lips. The hand worked faster and I felt he let a finger penetrate. 


I felt later that his finger was replaced by Louis dick and he pushed quickly into me. I heard him moaning and I heard he liked it. Louis quickly began to move over my body and I heard how he slipped in and out of me. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. I saw Nialls in my mind and I missed him. I didn't want to stay, but what could I do to be free from Louis power? Right as it was stopped Louis up and he sat down below me. I saw that his face was red and he was sweating all over the body. 
"Damn!" he swore and looked down over my body. "I can't come!" 
I gulped and looked at him closely. Louis looked into my eyes and I saw that he was ashamed. 
"I miss certain parts on your body. You aren't a man?" 
I laughed lightly and realized what he was talking about. 
"So you're still gay?"
He became angry and he started to jerk off. It was as if he wanted to get hard again, but his member didn't obey him. 
"Stop saying that." he groaned angrily. "I promised my mother that I must be like all the other guys and I'll make you pregnant." 
I sat up and looked down at his hand. His member slackened even more. 
"I think we have a problem?"
Louis closed his eyes and I saw how he slowly got his member to become hard again. I grinned slightly. 
"So you fantasize that I'm a naked man?" 
He grunted and moved his hand faster over his cock. 
"Shut up!" 
I smiled and looked down at his hand. I realized that he would never make me pregnant. He wasn't even horny when he saw me naked. Louis wanted a guy and I wasn't a guy.


When he had gotten up to speed on the hand he dropped it and spread my legs again. He penetrated and quickly began pumping inside me. I lay down and watched as he struggled to come. 
"Is it good?" I got out of me, to annoy him. Louis didn't answer and he bent over my body. He moaned again and he started to shake. I giggled and I realized I could make him lose it all again. 
"Will you come soon?" 
Louis opened his eyes and looked coldly at me. 
"Please, can't you just be quiet?"
I shook my head. 
"No, because I wonder how it feels to be you?" 
Louis lost patience and his member went slack. 


I was happy in the morning. I went down to the kitchen and met the nanny. She held Angel in her arms and then she let me take care of my children for a while. I smiled at her gratefully and hugged my Angel easily. 
"She's nice!" whispered the nanny, so that nobody would hear us. "I see that she's not Louis and she's beautiful."
I looked at her and nodded. 
"I know, she's similar to her real dad and he's perfect." 
Nanny nodded and blushed. 
"Everyone on the farm told me about you and how your life was. I understand that you fled and I didn't think he would find you again." 
I saw at her that she looked up to me and right away I blushed too. 
"Are they talking about me?" 
She nodded. 
"All employees told me that you are one of us and that your strong."

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