Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


31. Chapter Twenty three - A Husband

My days went slowly forward. Louis had a problem with that he was gay, but it was a relief for me. He stopped even trying to make babies. This led to that Johannah came back to the farm and I heard how she scolded Louis. They were inside his office and almost all employees heard she was screaming at him. 
"You're the worst son that one can have!" she screamed. "I do everything for you to act normal in front of everybody, but you can't even make your wife pregnant?" 
Louis replied, but I only heard mumbling. Then I heard her voice again. 
"Pull yourself together and pull your life together. Emma's your wife and you are her husband. Start acting like a man."


I felt partly sorry for Louis, as he struggled not to slip back into his old life. I understood that he had to change himself to fit in and he suffered. Still, I was a little spiteful and I enjoyed seeing him tormented.


"I should have let everything be as it was." whacked Louis and looked at me. "I regret that I married you, but I thought it was the right thing to do." 
I swallowed and smiled at him. 
"And Divorce?" I got out of me and right away he was startled and shook his head. 
"No one in our family has been divorced and it would be a shame to do so." 
I tried to find the right words. 
"But you either love me or want me here? Why not put a stop to it all?" 
Louis shook his head quickly. 
"I have my riches to think about and it's a big responsibility. I can't put a stop to something that is done. I must find a solution."
I had a solution. 
"Call Niall and let me atleast get to be with him." 
Direct solidified Louis and looked coldly at me. 
"I'm not going to take care of more of his children. I intend to become a father and I'm sure that you will get pregnant." 
I laughed a little bit. 
"How will you do that?" 
Louis sighing. 
"I come up with a solution soon and I wont stop trying. You're my wife and you will obey me. You shouldn't think that I return you to that a poor fool."


One evening took Johannah with me into the bedroom and she smiled cold towards me. 
"I have a solution." 
I gulped and watched as she pulled out a box. She opened it and took out dildos. She smiled proudly and showed it to me. 
"Here's something that Louis lacks." 
I almost lost my breath. 
She grinned and showed me that a dildo could vibrate. 
"Such use girls that want to make it comfortable. You shall have them for making it good for my son."
I backed off. 
"No way!" 
Direct saw Johannah cold on me and she really made ​​sure that I was silent. 
"You're married to Louis and it's you who should do so that he enjoys. If you must use these kinds of things, to get the children, it's the only solution."


I was angry. I went to Louis and he looked disconcerted me. 
"Your mom is crazy!" I screamed and threw a dildo at him. Louis blushed immediately and looked down on it. 
I stood in front of the desk. 
"If you want a cock, you may use them on your own. I'm not going to line up on this game and I'm not going to use them to get you to come."
For the first time since we got married, Louis seemed to understand me. 
"Mom wants only our best, but now she has gone over the edge." 
I agreed. 
"If she's so damn interested in what we do or don't do, you can go to her and ask her to do it for you?" 
Louis blushed again and just stared at me. 
"I'll talk to her."


Louis began more and more to slip away from me. One night I heard a noise coming from his old bedroom and I understood what he was doing. He used the dildo and he groaned aloud. I knew he would never get a working relationship with me, but how could I get him to give me my freedom back? I wanted to take Angel home to Niall and it was with him that I wanted to live my life.


One morning nanny gave me a camera. I looked at her in surprise, but she giggled just lightly and leaned toward me. 
"Take photos of Louis." 
I didn't understand what she meant. She saw that and instantly she became a little more serious. 
"If you develop photos on Louis, where he lies in bed and doing what he does. Then you can threaten him to hand them over to the press? He doesn't want the truth comes out and then you can claim whatever you want from him." 
I almost lost my breath. 
"Should I shoot him when he lies in bed with his dildo do you mean?" 
She nodded quickly. 
"Extortion is common in this family."
"No!" I exclaimed immediately and gave the camera back to her. "I'm not going to sink so low that I will be like Johannah." 
The nanny was disappointed. 
"But it's the only way out. Retain the camera just in case you change your mind?"


I must admit that it attracted. I understood that it was a solution, but I didn't want to do it. I didn't want to see what exactly Louis did in his bedroom and I didn't want to behave like one of the family.


Angel grew and after the summer, she was bigger. I spent days to  Angel, I rode on horses sometimes, but otherwise, my life was dull. Louis kept himself more and more away from me. He seemed to almost lose the strength to try and I was glad for it. Johannah gave up. She visited us sometimes, but then she looked barely on me or on Angel. She visited Louis, scolded at him, and went away again.


"I'm going out a round!" 
I saw that Louis had put on nice clothes and he had spent time being stylish. I knew that he was craving for a man and that's what pulled him away. I smiled at him. 
Louis swallowed and gave me a light kiss on the cheek. 
"I come home late this night but you don't need to be awake and wait for me."

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