Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


12. Chapter Twelve - Requirements and wills

In the morning I was in a good mood. I felt that I had a life, or a good life considering everything around me. I came down to the kitchen and ate a quick breakfast. Then I began to slowly walk towards the stables. On the way there cheering the employees at me and I felt like one of them. I was employed by Louis, as his wife and nothing was real. Niall smiled at me when he saw me. He put away the tools and came up to me. 
"So you slept well, ma'am?" 
I frowned and shook directly on the head. Niall was embarrassed and looked at me a little iffy. 
"Okay, I'll call you Emma when no one else can hear us?" 
I nodded and was satisfied. 
"Well, I slept well and I woke up in a good mood."
Niall laughed a little bit and went ahead of me towards the horses. 
"So we'll take a ride?" 
I nodded and laughed a little bit. 
"Today I'm ready for anything!"


We rode a new road and Niall seemed to know where we were going. Right as it was, we stayed on a rock and had a view over a large area. Niall jumped off the horse and walked to the edge. He pointed out below the cliff. 
"That's the end Tomlinson's estate." 
I jumped off my horse and stood beside him. 
"At last an end, I thought he got so much forest that I couldn't come to the end." 
Niall laughed a little bit and looked at me. 
"You have think highly of him. His father had to fight for the land and he paid with sweat and tears. Your husband lives only on the assets and he doesn't care about anything that relates to the estate." 
I looked at him and realized that I couldn't much about business. 
"And that means?" 
Niall smiled and looked at the view. 
"I don't know, but one day, Louis can lose everything and it's not because he's gay."


When we got back to the stables, I saw Johannah. She smiled and came towards me. 
"So you've managed to find a interest that suit you?" 
I smiled and jumped off my horse. Niall took the reins and let me go to her. 
"Yes, I ride." 
She smiled and took her arm around my shoulder. She steered me away from all the people and I knew that she would talk seriously. 
"Louis is worried about the future." 
I sighed. 
"What have I done now?" 
She stopped me and looked into my eyes. 
"If you don't have a child, people will wonder. He says you are faithful to him?" 
I swallowed and realized Johannah really had an eye on everything. 
"So my life affect you?" 
She smiled weakly and looked at Niall, then she looked at me. 
"With a lover, you can get pregnant. If you becomes pregnant, Louis will tell everyone that it's his child."
I was cold all over and just stared at her. Everyone wanted me to get lover, only to have children? Talk about that I would get even less love in my life. 
"So you have a solution?" 
Johannah looked back at Niall and then at me. 
"I can pay him?" 
I knew who she was referring to and immediately I shook my head. 
"No thank you! Niall's the only friend I have and I don't wanna ruin between us."
Johannah laughed and she seemed almost amused. 
"So you mean that you are friends with the employees? Talk about that you aren't a genuine Tomlinson. An employee should only obey you and not be friends with you." 
I became angry. 
"So you mean that I can't talk to them?" 
She giggled and looked at me again. 
"Yes, but why not have some fun with them? There are many good looking guys here and you know how important it is to have children?" 
I sighed and realized she was right. Yet, I didn't listen. I didn't wanna cheat and I didn't want Johannah to paid a guy to have sex with me. 
"I'll think about it."


I don't know why everyone put so much emphasis on me. Louis was able to make me pregnant and why involve others? He could throw Harry out and choose me. It would be the easiest path.


In the evening, Harry searched me up and he wasn't in a good mood. 
"Why did you have to say yes to Louis?" 
I looked at him in surprise. 
"I had no choice?" 
Harry sighed and didn't seem to agree. 
"All they talk about is you and I'm so tired of it. Louis is worried about the future, but why not play like you can't have children? Tell them just that you can't get pregnant?" 
I became angry. 
"I don't lie about such a thing. Suffice it that I'm lying about my husband." 
Harry sighed. 
"As if it would make any difference?" He stood closer to me. "You may not have sex with Louis again and I don't want you to give him his children." 
I smiled at him. 
"So you think I'm a threat?" 
He didn't answer that question. He looked coldly at me and then left me alone. I couldn't bother. Louis got to have the problems he had. Anyway it was he who had made ​​the choice to marry me.


It continued! 


Louis took home his lawyer and changed the Testament. When they were finished, he showed it to me and he smiled big. 
"Now you have a goal!" he said. "If you become pregnant you'll inherits everything I own, after me." 
I swallowed. 
Louis flipped to the right page in the will. 
"Here it's clearly stated. If you have children, with me or anyone else, you are the one who will inherit all my possessions and all my property."
I just stared at him. 
"And you think I want your money?" 
He nodded and raised his eyebrows. 
"Then you know that you will never be poor and your future is secure." 
I swallowed and said nothing more. I saw at him that he thought he had won my trust. I saw that he thought this was the right way, but I just felt disgusted. He forced me, simply, being unfaithful and I didn't want to be that person. Couldn't he just love me and make me pregnant by himself?
"This is a good solution." he whispered tenderly. "We both win in my will. I get an heir and you get a secure future."


I felt again as property. Louis had promised me freedom, but I had no freedom. They thought that I would go after what they wanted. Johannah and Louis was really clear about what they wanted, but they didn't ask me if I wanted the same thing.

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