Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


3. Chapter Three - The day will come

Mom took me to the country's finest business. She made ​​sure I got a custom-sewn wedding dress. I got the finest jewellery that could be bought and she booked me into everything. I must admit that it felt strange. I knew that Louis would never love me and that this wasn't true. I was living in a lie, but the more days passed, the more satisfied I became. Maybe that Louis would let me see the world and he would certainly not put demands on me. I would live a free life and finally I looked forward to that day.


Johannah often came and visited me. I don't know why but she seemed to want to get to know me. I never mentioned anything about what Louis had written and I think she knew the truth. She kept a good face and she saw instead that everything was as she wanted. 


"It comes over five hundred guests!" she said to me one day. "Many of them are really looking forward to this and expect that everything's perfect." 
I gulped and nodded at her. 
"I'll do my best." 
Johannah laughed right away and she looked amused at me. 
"It's your mother and I who must be sure that it will be perfect. You just smile and say yes to the question if you want to marry Louis. You are the perfect bride and I know you do your best."
I blushed and looked down at my hands. 
"Can I ask you something, ma'am?" 
She laughed again. 
"Say Johannah when no one else can hear us. Sounds so boring with titles." 
I nodded and looked at her. 
"Why me?" 
She stopped laughing and she was serious. I saw how she looked for the answer in her head and she looked a long time at me. 
"Emma, let's just say that we both win on your wedding. My son gets married to a beautiful girl and you get opportunities that you never had." 
I knew it! She knew what Louis had written in the letter, and she was aware of my destiny. 
"Okay!" I whispered uncertainly. Johannah smiled and leaned toward me. 
"Emma, see this as an opportunity and not as a setback. You will be happy but not because of my son."


A month before the wedding, was my dress ready. I must admit it was beautiful. It was white with pearls all over the dress. They sparkled and looked like diamonds. I almost cry when I saw it. Still, I kept away my feelings for mom. She looked down at the dress and nodded with satisfaction. 
"You become beautiful in it! Then I make sure that they got the right tiara for you and the best hairdresser puts your hair perfectly on the head." 
I saw at mom and noted that she was touched by the dress. She looked at me and smiled weakly. 
"This is a great day and I'm so proud of you." 
I smiled back. 
"Thank you!"


A week before the wedding they started preparing the banquet hall where we could eat and dance. I didn't see the room, but I knew it would be great. I was nervous and I felt I had no control over anything. Mom ran around and planned everything with Johannah. I sat in my room and started to pack up my things. I would move to Louis home and I would certainly get my own room. I was sure that we wouldn't share the bed and it actually calmed me down a bit. I would keep my virginity, maybe the rest of my life?


The day before the wedding, Dad came into my room. He saw that it was almost empty in there and I think I saw a tear behind the eye. 
"So tomorrow you'll move?" 
I nodded and smiled at him. Now he had his sons left and I knew he certainly was grateful to be rid of me. He looked at me and actually he looked touched. 
"It was not long ago that you were a kid and you wanted a pony. Now you are an adult and ready to step out?" 
I nodded and looked down at my hands. I felt small, but even so different. I was seen from my marriage as an adult and I had new a home to take care of. All years of preparation for this day and now it was here.
"In the morning they wakes you up early." he whispered and smiled uncertainly. I heard he shook in his voice, and it surprised me. "There's much that takes place in the morning and you are going to the hairdresser, get on your dress and I think that your mom also has ordered manicure." 
He went to the door but turned around and looked at me. 
"Emma, ​​I'm proud of you." 
Then he left me alone.

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