Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


21. Chapter Thirteen - The turning point

I moved almost in to Nialls house. I didn't care if he lived poor or crowded. With him around me, everything was beautiful. Liam noted fairly quickly that something had happened and he felt compelled to ask. 
"Yes!" I answered honestly. "I love Niall and he loves me." 
Liam frowned. 
"But you're married?" 
I sighed. 
"On paper, I'd rather live with a man I love than to be a living on a lie. And Louis isn't half the man that Niall is." 
Liam sigh easily. 
"Okay, but I must say this to everyone. If you try to keep it a secret, it will just be bullshit behind your backs. It's better to be honest." 
I nodded. 
"But we wont be open. I know that what I do is wrong, from the eyes of others, but I go by my heart."
Liam smiled and took his hand on my shoulder. 
"Don't worry, ma'am! Everyone here on the farm love you and everyone knows what hell you went through. Those who working in the house has been careful to inform us about how Harry is. I understand you." 
I was surprised. 
"Do you mean that the employees like me?" 
Liam laughed a little bit. 
"Are you surprised? After Sarah's funeral found all out that her father and mother had done wrong. Everyone realized that you have a heart. You aren't a Tomlinson. You just Emma." 
I felt my life had a meaning and all the pieces fell into place. 
"So what happens now?" 
Liam raised his eyebrows. 
"We continue as we always have done? We work, we toil and we love?"


Niall lay on top of me in bed and he kissed my nipples carefully. I giggled and let my hands slip through his hair. 
"You know what you should do?" 
Niall smiled and looked up at me. 
"For your sake, I can take down the moon." 
I looked down at his face and forced him to lie up on top of me. 
"I love you!" 
Niall smiled and kissed me. I felt his bare skin pressed against my bare skin and I couldn't get enough. I moaned long before I had reason and I didn't want to live an empty life again. 
"If you get pregnant?" asked Niall suddenly. I was startled and looked at him. 
"What do you mean?" 
Niall gulped and he looked uncertainly at me. 
"If you get pregnant, then who's the father? Are you going to say that Louis is the father or will you be honest?" 
I hadn't thought of it before and I didn't know what to say. 
"You know why Louis wants me to get pregnant?" 
Niall nodded. 
"Is why I'm asking."
I had no direct answers and I had no idea what I would say. 
"If I say you're the father, we have to leave the farm." I whispered. "My parents and his parents will get mad at me. They're going to make sure I don't get a single penny in the future and I will be destitute." 
Niall pulled his hands through my hair and smiled at me. 
"If that happen, I will take care of you and the baby. My parents live in Ireland. They aren't rich, but they have a pretty big house." 
I balked. 
"Would you take me with you?" 
Niall nodded instantly. 
"I promise to get a good job and I promise to fight for you sake."
"But I wont have any money?" 
Niall laughed a little bit and kissed me lightly. 
"Emma, ​​I don't want your money. Want your love." 
I couldn't stop smiling. He was just too good to be true. I kissed him and I pulled him towards me. I felt how he penetrated and directly I moaned loudly. Niall smiled and he started pushing his dick all the way in.
"You are the only one I care about." he groaned. "If you get pregnant, I have two to love." 
I whimpered against his lips and enjoyed. He wanted me without money, without a good reputation and without a fancy name on the paper. Niall just wanted me, Emma. I took my legs around his waist and I let him fill me with feelings. I groaned and I felt how he took me to the top of the mountain. I enjoyed every moment he penetrate me and I loved to feel his body against mine. Niall bounced against my body and I felt how his muscles worked over me. His body was tense and he felt desire for me. 
"Promise to never leave me!" I whispered. Niall smiled and moaned loudly. 
I smiled at him, and pushed my hips against him, in his pace. 
"Promise me to always love me." 
He kissed me. 
"I promise!"


A month later, it happened! 


I threw up a whole day and I felt my stomach writhing. Louis called directly to a doctor and he examined me carefully. Then he smiled at us. 
"She's pregnant!"

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