Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


10. Chapter Ten - Take the opportunity

There came that day when Louis had to invite businessmen to the manor. I saw that morning how the staff began making prepared room, where Louis and I would sleep. I saw that Harry didn't like it at all and I noticed that the atmosphere was printed. 
"You'll play my wife today." Louis said and looked at me seriously. "You have to play as if you love me and like we have a perfect relationship." 
I nodded and knew it wouldn't be hard to be in love with him. I knew what he expected from me and I lit up. 
"I'll do my best." 
Louis paused and then took a few steps toward me. He looked straight into my eyes. 
"You know it's just a game?" 
I nodded. 
"Yeah, I know." 
He nodded with satisfaction. 
"This's just for two days, when they're here. We share a room, we eat together and we are in love." He looked down at my clothes. "And you'll be perfectly dressed at all times. You may not have riding clothes on."


I did what I was told to do. Before the guests arrived, I had turned me into a perfect wife. I had taken on nice clothes and no one could see through my shell. Louis was happy and smiled at me. 
In the background stood Harry and he wasn't at all happy. Louis noted his reaction and grinned a little easy on him. 
"And you know what rules we have in this house? You knew this day would come, and during this day, it's Emma who's with me." 
I enjoyed, but didn't do it open. Harry was about to start crying and I saw how he vanished away. Louis snorted and was about to run after, but he stayed behind with me. 
"Harry knows that we need to do this. He's so sensitive."


Ten men came, who were placed in different rooms in the house. They talked business with Louis all day and in the evening were all sitting in the dining room at the long table and ate. I sat next to Louis and I showed up a perfect wife. 
"She's beautiful!" I heard one of the older whisper to Louis. Direct Louis took my hand and looked at me with loving eyes. 
"Yes, that's why I chose her." 
I wished he really meant those words. I wished that he really loved me and it hurt in my stomach. I knew it was a lie and I knew that he only had Harry in his head. I don't know what the meeting was about, when they were talking about money and companies. I listened to half of their words, trying to be like a brought up girl. I didn't say much that night and there was hardly anyone who talked to me. Instead, I enjoyed the attention from Louis and I tried not to dwell on the truth.


As a married couple we went to our shared bedroom and I realized it would be a boring night. Louis took off his clothes, showered and then lay naked in bed with a couple of paper. He seemed to read through a contract. I did like him. I showered, but I took on a nightgown before I crawled under the covers. I lay with my back to him and I just felt like crying. In my imagination, he would kiss me, hug me and show that I was his. In reality, he lay and read and he didn't care that I was there.


I woke up by lips against my neck. I felt that Louis lay near me and I felt him pressing his boner against my back. I was surprised and spun around. 
"What are you doing?" 
Louis smiled and pulled up my nightgown. 
"I'm married to you and you are my wife. Normally, we love each other?" 
I pulled down my nightgown. 
"But ..." 
Louis kissed my lips and I felt how he laid on top of me. He moaned and it wasn't long until I was with every movement he made. I felt how he pulled off my nightgown and I felt his hands caress my naked skin. I stopped thinking and I moaned against his lips. I felt he let his lips slide down over my neck. He kissed my breasts and I felt him sucking on my nipples. 
"You're so fucking sexy." he mumbled. I was in heaven. Finally I got Louis and he was mine. He loved my body and he wanted me. I almost cried when his lips ended up between my legs and he got my clit to react. I spread my legs and I threw back my head. Louis took care of me and it wasn't long before I lifted my hips against his face. I was close to coming, when Louis slid up over my body. He kissed me hard and I felt how he penetrated. I took my legs around his hips and I was like crazy. I dragged my nails over his back and I didn't get enough of him. I had missed him so much and I didn't want to let go of his body.


Louis spun around so that I ended up on top of him. I felt how he forced me to ride him and he held me tight around the hips. I saw at him that he loved what we did and he looked down at my body with love. I had gained his love? I rode him fast and he moaned with pleasure. He showed on his face that I was perfect. He let a thumbs start caressing me over my sensitive part. That was all I needed. I came!


Afterwards I lay in his arms, and I felt how he was breathing rapidly. I felt how sweaty he was and I loved every inch of his body. I was so happy that I could burst. It was so great to be there, next to my husband and feel his love.


Whole my world collapsed!


"We have to have sex sometimes." he whispered. "Otherwise, people will wonder why we don't get children."
I was startled and looked at him coldly.
"Am I a breeder, like a cow?"
Louis laughed a little bit and shook his head.
"No, but we have to think about what everybody thinks about us. We must try to get kids sometimes and why not now?"
I wanted to die.
"So you had sex with me just to get me pregnant?"
Louis nodded and looked at me in surprise.
"What did you think I had for reason?"

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