Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


6. Chapter Six - The Wedding Night

All right. I tried to smile and be the happy bride, but instead I felt like a loser. I saw how Louis walked over to Harry. Whispered something in his ear and how they smiled at each other. So it was them I would live with? Louis really had a boyfriend. I sat on my chair and felt hopeless. I wont have a happy life and I shall have to live alone for the rest of my life. I wont have children and I would remain a virgin. 


"Emma?" I heard Johannah say and she sat down next to me. "You met Harry?" 
I nodded and looked tired on her. 
"Why didn't you tell me everything? What does he need me for?" 
She smiled and leaned slightly toward me. 
"You know very well that gays aren't allowed in our circles, and especially not when the son will inherit his father's business? This was the only way out, so no one would suspect anything."
I just wanted to cry. 
"So why didn't you chose a girl who's more like him? I'm neither gay or ready for this." 

Johannah smiled and she took my hand amicably in her. 
"This is just the beginning and I promise you will be happy, but not with him. You have options now and I'll show you everything." 
I swallowed. 
She nodded. 
"Louis and I have promised each other to do everything for you, only you get married to him. He's happy that you are here and that it was you. Now he can live his life as he wants and he's eternally grateful." 
I swallowed again. 
"Will I stay alone in the house?" 
She shook her head. 
"You, Louis, Harry and everyone who's employed. Louis owns a big mansion and he has a farm full with animals. You will love it."


The evening of the party ended for me. Louis came up to me and took my hand. 
"We're going to the hotel now." 
I froze and I didn't want to go there. What would we do there? Probably had Johannah rented two rooms. One room for Louis and Harry, a room for me. I nodded at him and smiled weakly. Louis stood by the stage and took the microphone in his hand. 
"I and my bride shall now leave you." 
A man gave me my bridal bouquet and I understood that I would throw the flowers over my head, so that someone else would be happy. 
"I want all of you who are singles sets you here, then Emma toss the bouquet and then we will see who's getting married next time?"


I ended up in a fog. The party was over for me and I would spend my first night alone. I felt Louis held my hand tightly and we came out to the car. I sat tired in the back seat and felt my body just wanted to cry. 
"The hotel next!" whispered Louis. I avoided him and looked through the window.Jag saw the dark houses and streets were silent around us. I felt as dark as the night and I felt my last hope vanished away. My old life was over and I had no idea what was waiting for me.


Louis helped me out from the car and we walked toward the elevator in the hotel. Louis held my hand the whole time and he was sure that I went along. We went up to the top floor. I understood that I would have to sleep in a luxurious room. Actually, I was curious and I went with Louis against a door. He opened it and I immediately saw a large bed, which was filled with rose petals. I saw the champagne was on ice and I saw the clothes that I would have on me the next day. Louis closed the door and he saw that I was surprised. 
"Only the best is good enough?" 
I smiled a little uncertainly and went to the window. I looked out over the city and I saw how high up we were. I heard that Louis opened the champagne bottle and he poured it into two glasses. I turned around and looked at him. He came up to me and gave me one glass. He smiled and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"I must admit I'm glad that you're my wife." 
I actually blushed. I tasted the champagne and looked then up at him. 
"So what happens now?" 
Louis grinning. He drank up all in the glass and laughed a little bit. 
"Are you always worried about life and why do you pondering and thinking about everything that could happen? Live as if you were going to die tomorrow and stop thinking."
He put the glass down on the table and to my great surprise, he began to strip off his clothes. I just stared at him and eventually he stood naked in front of me. I had never seen a naked man before, and I couldn't help but look down at his genitals. Louis laughed and walked around me. He stood behind me and started to remove the veil, my tiara, my jewellery and slowly, he worked his way down until I stood naked in front of him.
"What are you doing?" I got out of me and I blushed so that my whole body was affected. I felt Louis bend towards me and I felt his lips on my neck. 
"I promised mom to give you a normal night. A wedding night as everyone else wants."
Louis smiled and he kissed me lightly on the neck. 
"I will take your virginity!"


Louis took my hand and he steered me away to the bed. He forced me down on the mattress and I was scared. 
"But you're ..." 
Louis smiled and laid on top of me. He took my face between his hands, and he looked into my eyes. 
"Yes, I'm gay, but I've actually had sex with girls before I realized who I was."
He parted my legs and I felt  how he landed against my most sensitive part of the body. Louis started kissing me and I felt his hands caressed my bare skin. Every thoughts spun around and I didn't understand what was happening. He was gay, but nevertheless we would have sex? 
"Louis ..." I got out of me. "But you have a boyfriend?" 
He giggled and let one of his hands slide down between my legs. 
"Yes, but he knows what we do. I told him that this is my gift to you." 
I moaned as he started stroking me over the clitoris. I opened my mouth and I could feel my whole body shook. 
"But .." 
He didn't care and started kissing me again. I took my arms around his neck and I followed him in every movement. I had no idea what happened. I felt my whole body shook with excitement. I moaned against his lips and I felt his tongue played with mine. Louis made ​​me stop thinking and I felt his hand worked quickly with me. He moaned against me and in the end I felt that he slowly penetrated. I wanted to scream, but not because of the pain. It was a wonderful feeling that spread in the body and I didn't know where I was going. Louis continued to kiss me and he continued to do everything so that it would be nice. It was as if I fell into a daze and all my emotions were all over my body. I felt the slightest movement that Louis did and he bounced hard against my body. I didn't know what he was feeling, but my body was vibrating with pleasure. He kissed me and he made ​​me be like crazy under him. In the end it was as if my body got the weighed to overflowing. I screamed almost straight out and I pressed myself against him. I felt a wonderful feeling that took over my body and I couldn't lie still. It just flowed through my body and I was shaking, I was vibrating, I was quivering with pleasure.


Louis rolled off me, after he had reached the same feeling in his body. He was breathing fast and I saw that he was sweaty. 
"Was that okay?" 
I nodded and blushed. I felt the petals on the bed were stuck to my skin and I felt the smell of wet body. Louis smiled and looked at me with his eyes. 
"Was it like you thought it would be?" 
I quickly shook my head and smiled at him. 
"It was wonderful. Whatever happened to my body was more than I could ever dream about?" 
He grinned lightly. 
"You had an orgasm."


I went to sleep happy. I felt a pleasant sensation throughout my body and I was just happy to be me. It was the greatest moment of my life and I realized that I was no longer a virgin. I had got to know what it felt like to really love a person and Louis had done everything for me. Maybe he would eventually leave Harry and choose me? I had feelings for him, because he was kind and he seemed to care about me. I knew it could lead to true love and I would actually ensure that Louis chose me instead of Harry. I wanted him for myself and I didn't want that Harry would get my husband.

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