Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


7. Chapter seven - Louis mansion

In the morning I woke up and was alone in the room. I watched as the sun rose over the city, through the window, and I straightened up. It felt like yesterday was a dream and that I would soon wake up at my parents house. Yet I realized that everything had really happened and I felt how exciting life was. I jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom. I showered and put on my clothes. It was wonderful to be married to Louis and I knew that one day he would want me too. He would love me and he would understand that I was the only one he needed.


I started to clean the room and I picked up my jewellery. I made sure that my dress didn't lay on the floor and right as it was opened the door. Johannah came in and I was disappointed. I had hoped that Louis would come back. 
"We'll have breakfast." she said and smiled. "Are you ready?" 
I nodded and followed her. We went down to the hotel dining room and Johannah chose a table for us. She sat down and watched me closely. I sat across from her and I felt small. I saw that the room was almost empty, but the few people sat and ate food. 
"Louis is on his way home." she said and looked at me. "He wanted to be with Harry." 
I was startled and looked at her. I realized I hadn't made Louis to want me. I was disappointed, but tried not to show anything. Johannah saw my reaction and she understood why I felt that way. 
"You can't change him, Emma." she said kindly. "He's who he is and you can't make him love you." 
I wouldn't listen. I didn't understand. I was going to still try to win Louis heart. One day should Johannah see that he wanted me. 
"Harry and Louis have been together a long time." she went on and swallowed. "He loves Harry and he would never hurt him."
I looked up at her and I just felt hatred for Harry. 
"But I'm his wife!" 
She nodded and smiled weakly. 
"Yes, on paper but not in the heart. You knew that this day was coming and you knew that you would never get a husband. You did know that Louis was gay, yet you don't listen to me?" 
I looked down at my hands. I wasn't going to be honest with her and tell her about my plans. I knew with all my heart that I could get Louis to love me. I knew we belonged together and it was fate that I came into his life.


I sat in the car and looked over foreign forests. Johanna sat next to me and talked about the animals that Louis had. About his horses on his land, that he owned and she said that I was now rich. I swallowed and couldn't bother. I didn't want to be rich and I didn't care about Louis money. I wanted his heart and I wanted his love. I wanted him to see how much I loved him and he would realize that he wanted to be with me. I would throw out Harry and get him to disappear from our lives.


"Louis has hired many people to make it all work. It's about four hundred employees in the courtyard and many of them live in the house, on Louis property. They have their own little village where they are after work. You will like it. "
I looked at her and swallowed. 
"And the house?" 
She laughed a little bit. 
"You have people who take care of everything and you'll feel like a queen."


Okay! I was almost taken aback. Louis had so much land that I never would have time to visit all the places. The house was really a mansion, and I saw how the house stood mightily in front of the car. I was shaking with excitement when I jumped out of the car and I saw employees everywhere. It was like walking straight into a dream, or perhaps a different reality and I couldn't stop smiling. Talking about the fact, I really had married a rich man and I realized that nothing would be the same again.


I was disappointed when Louis came out on the stairs and he held Harry in his hand. I just wanted to scream right out, but I chose to lie low. I would plan a good plan and I would get Louis to love me instead of him.
"Welcome!" exclaimed Louis. He released Harry's hand and came down to me. He gave me a wonderful hug and then smiled big. "How does it feel?"
I saw at him that he was excited and he was glad I had come to his farm.
"Good!" I whispered and smiled. I heard Johannah talked about things to plan and then we went inside the house. Louis had his arm around my shoulders and I felt again as his better half.


I don't know how many bedrooms there was. I had my own room with a view over the entire yard. Louis room was a bit away (must be scheduled) and I assume that Harry slept in the same room. We had a library with rows of books, a party room, kitchen, dining room with a large table if guests arrived and we had a wine cellar. Okay, there were more room as a gym, a movie theater and more. I could barely keep track of anything, but tried to listen carefully. Then drove Louis me to the horses, to all other animals, and he showed me a lake where I could bathe. Talk about that I had arrived to paradise.


The last room he showed me was a bedroom. I saw a big bed, wardrobes and I saw that the room was well planned in the nearest detail. 
"This is our bedroom." 
I was startled and looked at Louis. 
"What do you mean?" 
He smiled and walked to the window. 
"When your parents come here, or anyone else who doesn't know that I'm with Harry. We shall sleep here as a married couple." 
I swallowed and all my thoughts spun around. Louis looked at me again and I saw that he seemed to understand me. 
"There are important businessmen who would take everything away from me if they knew I was gay. There are those who want to defame my family and throw us in the dung. It's because of them that this room exists. When guests come, I must lie low and I have to be your lawful wedded husband to them."


I realized that Louis really had thought about everything. I saw at him that he felt that the details were important and he did everything to conceal his true identity. 
"So you will never be able to be open?" I asked. He shook his head and looked down at the floor. 
"I guess I have to blame myself, but I'd rather live with a lie than to lose everything that I own and have." 
I swallowed and realized that this was a sensitive subject. 
"So you need me?" 
Louis smiled uncertainly and met my gaze. He nodded weakly. 
"Yes Emma. You are right now the most important person in my life. It's you that will make everything work and I'm forever grateful."
My heart jumped. I was important to him, I was the most important person in his life and that meant I had the chance on him. I smiled with my whole face and was pleased with myself. Talk about that he was addicted to me. He would become dependent on me, but not for me as a woman and just like beards. 

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