Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


19. Chapter Nineteen - true love....

Niall was still holding on to fix the boat, when I found him. I saw that he had made ​​progress and soon he would be finished with the work. As last time, he was startled when he saw me. He swallowed and I saw how nervous I made him. 
"Hi!" he murmured, and put aside the sand paper that he had in his hand. "I'm not finished yet with the boat." 
I went up to him and swallowed. How could I say that I was ready? 
"Niall, I want to take back a few things." 
He raised his eyebrows. 
I swallowed and looked down at the ground. 
"I'm not as much married as I thought or wanted to be, or felt, and I live a pretty empty life."
"I know!" Niall got out. "You have told me about everything and I know everything." 
I quickly shook my head and looked up at him. 
"Niall, you know just what I wanted you to know. You don't know what I feel or what I want." 
He agreed and sat down on the edge of the boat. 
"Maybe not, but then tell me what I should know." 
I blushed and nodded. I stood in front of him and I looked at him. 
"When I married Louis I really wanted him to love me. I wanted love and I wanted everything I dreamed about as a child." I looked down at my hands, not to lose heart. "You know I never got any love and I was so blind. I just saw what was happening in the house. I was so blind and stupid, I didn't see you." 
Niall smiled and tried to get me to meet his gaze. 
"Come on, you've always seen me Emma."

I hesitated. What would I say. Rather than to say it with words, I flew on Niall. I threw myself in his arms and I let our lips meet. He was startled and I felt that he was almost shocked. Yet he took his arms around my body and after a few seconds, I felt we kissed each other. I didn't get enough of him and I couldn't understand why I had waited so long. Niall groaned slightly and I felt his tongue began to play with mine. I felt how sweaty his body was, but I didn't care. For me he was the most perfect man that was there. He was everything I wanted and I didn't want to let go of him.


I don't know how I dared or why. Still, I forced Niall to land on top of me. I lay on my back on the ground and I wanted him so close to me. I felt immediately that Niall got boner and I felt his hands discovered my body. I groaned under his weight and spread my legs for him. Niall lay more over me and let his hands pulling up the dress. He stroked my stomach, over my breasts and I was about to explode. Right as it was, he ended the kiss and looked into my eyes. 
"We shouldn't be here?" 
I hesitated. Didn't he want me? Niall smiled and stood up. He pulled me up and took me towards his house. I understood what he had meant. Anyone could have come down to the lake and seen us.


We managed to come inside the door. Niall ripped my dress off and lifted me up. He laid me down on the bed and without a word he lay down on top of me. He kissed me again and this time he let go of all barriers that existed. I felt his hands undid my bra and I moaned as he threw it away across the floor. He pulled my panties off and let his hand quickly discover the area. I groaned and lifted my hips against him. My whole body was in turmoil and I stopped to think. Niall made ​​me tremble and he made me whimper. When I started to move towards his hand, he pulled his pants off and I felt his dick bounced against my stomach. 
"Damn, I love you." he mumbled. "I've wanted you for so long." 
I just smiled and pulled him down over me. Niall just landed on my body when I took my hand down and led him to penetrate. I forced him to penetrate all the way and he whimpered with desire. I just wanted to scream of happiness and I didn't know how I could get enough of him. Niall moaned and he slowly began to move on his body. I felt how he brought his cock in and out. It wasn't long before he moved quickly over me. I felt how he filled me and I moaned in pleasure.


Right as it was Niall sat up. He forced me to sit on his lap and I made ​​sure that he again penetrated. Nial smiled and looked straight into my eyes. He took his arms around my body and made me move up and down rapidly. I kissed him, I let our tongues meet again and I was intense. I had never before felt such a desire or such love for another person. What I felt for Niall just poured over and I couldn't describe in words how perfect everything felt. His hands were so soft and his body so perfect. I wanted him in every way. I wanted him fully and completely.


I came ! I felt how it started as a tingling between my legs. I stopped kissing him and I just exploded in a fireworks. I don't know if I screamed or if it was just what I heard in my head. Entire I exploded and I hid my face against his neck. Niall held me tightly and he made sure that I let the orgasm peter out. I was breathing fast and I sat fully down on his lap. His cock was still hard inside me and I understood that he wanted to come . Yet he let me sit still and he let me take the time I wanted. Then he laid me down on the mattress. He lifted my legs up and held tight his hands around them. I felt how he began working with the body, and he looked down over my body. The lust that he had in his eyes I hadn't seen before and I smiled at him. Niall smiled back and breathed quickly. He brought his dick hard in me and I saw that he was approaching the end. When he exploded, he lay completely on top of me and I felt him shaking. He screamed almost straight out and he pressed the entire body down over me.


"Niall, I love you!" 
Niall was startled and raised his head. He smiled with his whole face and looked into my eyes. He let his hands caress my cheeks and hair. 
"You were my only dream." he whispered tenderly. "I never wanted to have another person as much as I want you." 
I smiled. 
"Now you have me."
Niall kissed me. I felt like a new person. I was loved and I loved.

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