Married against her will

My parents and his parents decided that we would get married. On my wedding day, I met him for the first time. I knew what I had to expect. My new name was Emma Tomlinson and I hated it.


11. Chapter Eleven - The employees

As soon as the guests had gone and left the farm, everything returned to normal. I saw how Louis devoted his attention to Harry and I felt once again my empty heart. I saw their eyes, I saw their kisses and I was forgotten. 


"I know what you need!" 
Niall smiled big and came towards me. He stood beside me and gave Louis a quick glance. Then he looked at me again. 
"You need a ride on the horse!" 
I looked at him and smiled gratefully. 
"And that helps?" 
Niall nodded and laughed a little bit. 
"You don't brood when your riding and you feel free. Horses gives you the freedom you need."
I smiled at him and I was eternally grateful. Niall cared about me and he was the only one who knew how I felt about everything. I chose to move quickly up the room and I changed my clothes. Then I followed Niall to the horses.


When evening came, we let all the horses go in the paddock and Niall smiled with satisfaction to me. 
"It was a good day?" 
I nodded and listened to all the workers who began to walk toward their home. I spun around and saw that they all went towards the same direction. 
"Where do you live Niall?" 
He was surprised that I wondered. 
"In the village where everyone else lives. We have a bunch of houses far away and there we live." 
I looked at him and lit up. 
"Can I come with you?" 
He first became silent and then he wrinkled his forehead. 
"None of you, in your family, have been there before. Mr. Tomlinson wont like you to go there. He believes that we aren't the right people for you, ma'am."
I laughed a little bit and I remember what Louis had told me. I had the freedom to do what I wanted. 
"Come on!" I said and walked ahead of him toward the road, where everyone else had gone. Niall came quickly after me and I could see he was worried. 
"But what if the others don't want you to going there?" 
"Then I'll go home again!" 
Niall was still uncertain. 
"Are you sure you want to?" 
I nodded.


The workers lived in small houses, overcrowded and there were only trails surrounding houses. I saw that their children were barefoot and they all looked so poor. I hadn't thought about it before, but at the same time I was glad I got to see the truth. All fell silent when I showed up and I saw that everyone was suspicious. 
"What's she doing here?" exclaimed Zayn and came to us. Niall was about to say something, but I did it before him. 
"I wanted to follow along and see where Niall lives." 
Zayn looked coldly at me and pointed to one of the houses. 
"There, ma'am, now you can go home." 
I stopped and stared at him. Why did they had so much against me? 
"Why can't I be here?" 
Zayn looked menacingly at me and he looked down at me. 
"I know how rich are and how you think. You think you own us and we are just animals that you don't care about. We toil all day and this is the only place where we can be ourselves, without you sees us."
I swallowed and I decided not to give up. 
"I'm not like the others." 
Zayn laughing cold. 
"You married a gay just to get the money?" 
I became angry. 
"No, I didn't know what I was getting myself into and I promise you that I'm not happy with my choice. I don't care about the money." 
Liam showed up and he looked at me closely. 
"You don't seem to be like the others, but Zayn doesn't have a good experience of family Tomlinson. He doesn't know who you are." 
I looked at Liam and smiled gratefully. 
"I don't know how they treat you, but to me your people. I know it's wrong for me to come here, but I wanted to see where you live."
Liam smiled a little bit and gave me a mug. I was surprised and he laughed a little bit. 
"It's home made ​​beer. Taste!" 
I drank a little away from the glass and immediately I started coughing. 
"What the hell was that?" 
Everyone started to laugh. Even Zayn. 
"Edit old fashioned beer!" Liam replied and he showed that I could go with him. "It can be fun with new friends and I think you're welcome here."


The evening was absolutely wonderful. Niall took out a guitar, some other guys did a drum of an old jar and everyone started to sing. All the women danced with their men, and the children ran around and laughed. I heard different songs and I enjoyed. This was something completely different from what I was used to and I loved it. Somehow I felt as if I had been placed in the right place. Everyone was so friendly and everyone was trying to make me feel good.


Niall followed me back to the house. He wasn't afraid that I would be attacked, but he wanted to be sure I got home. 
"It was wonderful!" I giggled and smiled at him. "I just love your friends and music. You sing really good!" 
He smiled and blushed slightly. 
"I come from Ireland, but have had to learn your songs." 
I was glad he told me about himself. 
"Why did you move?" 
He swallowed and seemed unsure. Then he looked at me and smiled weakly. 
"I thought I would get a good job here. I thought I could make money and support my parents."
For some funny reason, I felt sorry for him. I noticed that he really meant the words and he wasn't proud of his life. 
"Can I help you in any way?" I whispered. Niall quickly shook his head and sighed. 
"Maybe that Mr. Tomlinson one day see how clever I am and gives me more in salary. Prior to that, I'm like everyone else."


We stopped at the house and Niall smiled at me. 
"Good night, ma'am!" 
I looked into his eyes and smiled. I didn't want to go into my boring home. I would have rather stayed in his village and laughed with the others, but I didn't belong there. I didn't belong anywhere. 
"Can't you call me Emma?" 
Niall blushed and looked down at the ground. 
"But you're my boss, it's you who decides." 
I giggled slightly and shook my head. 
"No, I see us as equal. I listen to you and you decide sometimes, too." 
I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and then started to walk toward the house. 
I turned around and looked at Niall. He smiled with his whole face and raised his eyebrow. 
"Good night Emma!"

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