Unexpected Love

Piper Harris is a geeky 17 year old girl with a beloved boyfriend. But one day, shes kidnapped and becomes a slave to a new group of young guys who kidnap girls and use them as sex toys. But what happens when the black sheep of them all breaks his long held loyalty and busts Piper and the other girls out?


1. Disapperance

Chapter 1:

Piper's Pov

The street was quiet as I walked home from school. The only sounds was the wind howling and the calming splatter of light rain. A storm was coming. The air started to become more frigid and nipped and my nose and ears as I sped down the winding hill. My feet sloshed in a mix of old dirty snow and rain water came up, soaking my brand new Uggs.


The slush quickly melted inside the heat of my boats and into my fuzzy white socks.


The wind started to pick up and that was my cue to start picking up the pace and get home. Just as the rain grew heavier, I frantically ran up to the small steps of my porch and swung open the door.

The warm air whipped around me and warmed me up like a cold night around a fire.

"Mom! I'm hooomeee!" There was no response. Odd. Shes probably in the shower or outside closing the shed.

I threw my jacket on the dining room chair and plunked myself on the couch with a bag of Doritos. I turned on the TV and then the news came up.

"... there is a hurricane watch around the Boston area.." I started to worry a little. The hurricane was expected to be pretty bad and i was imagining the house being blown away.

Childish I know but its still possible.

Suddenly there was a large bang upstairs as if someone had dropped something.

"Mom?" Once again my response was met with silence. I crept over to the bottom of the stairs and peered around the corner to look up. Nobody. Maybe I'm imagining things.

I was about to sit back down on the couch, when i heard multiple footsteps. What the hell? I crept back to the stairs and looked again. There was a shadow of a rather large guy bending around the corner.

"M..mm..om?" My voice was timid and small. Footsteps echoed through the upstairs and five large guys appeared at the top.

They were all covered in tattoos and piercings. But one boy didnt have any of that. He seemed different from the others.

Stop thinking shit like that Piper. They're going to kill you. My subconscious scolded and i bolted. The boys ran after me as i ran out away from the stairs. I was so very close to getting out the door when a curly haired boy grabbed my arm and forcefully pulled him towards me. Our eyes met. His were a dark green swirling with hard lust. I could only imagine what mine looked like. Bright white blue with a scared expression.

Another boy with black hair came around the corner quicker than a scared goose and shoved a dirty white rag to my mouth.

My mind seemed to be numbing. Swimming in between consciousness and unconsciousness. My mind drew a completely blank and vision started to blur. Colors of many shades swirled in my vision before passing out in the curly stranger's arms.

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